Working Moms: Follow Your Dream! – What business or job is your best match?

Do you find yourself sometimes wishing you could start your own business… if only you could come up with a winning idea? Brainstorming really good business ideas is a challenge. But it can also be a lot of fun, especially when the end result is an exciting new career direction!

Pursue Your Passion!

Start by thinking about what you love to do. Perhaps you have a special hobby or talent that could be turned into a profit making venture. Are you a great cook who spends hours reading cooking magazines in your spare time? Investigate opportunities working as a personal chef or a dessert baker or as a cooking class instructor. To get a better sense of your interests even if you don’t have a specific hobby, try thinking about the types of articles you read, ways you spend your free time, or types of people you most enjoy being around.

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What business or job is your best match?

Finding work that captivates you is critical to entrepreneurial success. Particularly for mothers, who already have a full-time job as chief cook, organizer, and domestic commander in chief, creating work that captivates will provide you with energy and motivation for the long haul. But, finding work that you love is only the first step.

Blend your interest with your skills

Blending your interests with work that capitalizes on your skills is essential for long term success. What do you do well? Think about your previous jobs. Make yourself a list of your job duties and highlight those that you both enjoyed and did well. Expand your list to include your activities as a mother and a volunteer. Try to come up with a list of at least ten skills that you might enjoy using in your business.

Once you’ve given some thought to what you enjoy doing and do well, brainstorm ways to use these skills and interests in the marketplace. After all, the best ideas in the world will die on the shelf unless you have a supply of customers ready and able to purchase your products or service:

Talk to friends – They might have some great suggestions as to the types of services or products they would like to see offered in the neighborhood.

Look for trends - The increase in two career couples, the graying of the baby boomer generation, and the growing influence of technology have all created demand for new services in the marketplace.

Concentrate on unfilled market niches - Seek out needs that may not be currently addressed by existing services. Even something as simple as offering evening hours or home delivery may enable you to outsell the competition.

Research reaps rewards!

Taking the time to research opportunities that blend your interests and skills with real needs in the marketplace is time well spent.

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