What to look for when buying a surf board

Everything you need to know about buying a surf board.

Surfing can be a truly exciting experience, but before you buy a surfboard there a few things you should consider.

New or Used

This decision comes down to how much money you are willing to spend. New surf boards usually run anywhere between 300-800 dollars or more, depending on what type of board you select (long boards are usually more expensive than short boards). Used boards are generally much cheaper and can be purchased on the Internet, pawn (if you are near the beach), or surf shops. If you are somewhat of a novice it may be wise to purchase used, as boards brake easily. Be careful, when buying used, to check the board for dings, scrapes, and holes. If any of these are present make sure there has been no internal water damage, which can be done by holding the board and making sure it doesn’t seem heavy. If the surfboard feels unusually heavy or has soft spots in any area do not buy it. These are symptoms of internal water damage.

What to look for when buying a surf board

Long or Short

Short boards are any where from for to seven feet in length and come to a point at the end of the board, whereas long boards are usually over seven feet long and oval at the tip. When deciding whether to buy a long or short board there is two major considerations to make. First and foremost take into consideration your height and weight. Shorter boards do not float as well as longer boards and it is extremely important to be certain you maintain a level of buoyancy (thicker short boards are available to give more buoyancy if a person so requires). A second factor to consider is what you want to do on the board. For instance, if your goal is to become a pro and chop the wave into little pieces with tricks and stunts, go with the short board; however, if you would rather have a clean ride along the face of the wave and an easier time paddling, go with the long board.

How Many Fins

How many fins are on a surfboard does make a difference in the way it rides. Three fins give you the most control to do tricks or turn sharply. One fin is for more of a sweeping, flowing motion, and two is somewhere in between. As a rule of thumb long boards usually have one fin and short boards have three. If you would like to add or remove fins from a board it is possible; however, if you are planning on adding or removing fins, you may want to seek professional assistance.

Other Considerations

You may want to buy a rack for the top of your car if there is no room inside. Buy surf wax to apply on the board, which will help keep traction between your feet and the board. Buy a surfboard leash, especially if you are a beginner. Otherwise, you may lose the board during a wipeout. All of these items are available on line and in any surf store.

After considering all these factors you are ready to buy a surfboard. Have a good time surfing.

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