What are the stages of physical development in toddlers?

What to expect of your toddler’s physical development from age 13-24 months.

From the moment your child is born, he is on a mission to grow up faster than you could ever expect. Toddlers grow at an amazing rate. From the time your little one starts walking, his life becomes an amazing race in more ways than one. So to keep up with your little racer, here what you can expect over the next year or so of their lives:

13-19 Months

Welcome to the Land of the Toddler. By this time your little baby can do a variety of things and will start to amaze you almost on a daily basis. During the first few months after your little one starts to walk, you’ll start to see him/her doing some pretty interesting things. Words that they’ve never utter before will start flying from their lips like they’ve been saying them all their lives. In the first two months, you’ll suddenly hear “Hi” and “Bye” or the dreaded “No”. As the months go on, the words will gradually start getting more numerous and by the time he/she is 19 months, he may even be saying short sentences (me cookie, my juice, etc). Be careful though with the kind of language you use around him. It’s at this time that he may start imitating you.

What are the stages of physical development in toddlers?

But it doesn’t stop at speech. Suddenly, he may become more physically inclined in many ways such as standing on his own or bending down to pick up an object or toy. As the months go on, you’ll find that he might be more interested in riding toys such as tricycles. He may even be able to pedal at this point. That cute little wobbly walk of his will also improve during this time as his legs will become more stable.

And, oh, what he will learn to do with his hands. Over this period he will have more control over what he picks up and puts down. You’ll find that he’ll be able to eat with his fingers, turn the pages of books, and even start to stack blocks. Now might be a good time to get junior a pack of crayons and a coloring book. (Make sure they’re washable, though. A turned back leaves more than enough time for scribbling on walls and tables.)

Don’t forget his very first temper tantrum. Your average toddler is just learning how to deal with his feelings in these months. Imagine waking up one morning and finding you have to deal with a whole new set of emotions. Controlling them won’t so easy to do at first. Your toddler simply won’t understand how to deal with being told not to do something or that he can’t have something. Therefore, the only logical reaction at this point is kicking and screaming. Don’t worry, though, hold your ground and he will learn how to reign those emotions in with time.

And there’s so much more. You can expect to meet a whole different baby by the time you reach month 20. All of a sudden, your little sweetheart is on his way to becoming a full fledged child. Hold on to your hats.

But wait! There’s more!

20-24 months

Four months is not a lot of time, but you will see your child grow in leaps and bounds during this period. All of a sudden, Junior has gone from walking to running. His legs are steadier, you’ll find that he can climb, and walk up and down stairs with little help. He may go from rolling a ball to kicking a ball to throwing the ball. He may even be starting to jump.

Verbally, he should be starting to speak in short sentences. His overall vocabulary will become easier to understand as it will begin to transcend from baby-speak to English. He may be learning words at a rate of 10 or more a day and by the time he is 24 months, he should be able to say two or three word sentences. To your delight, you will find that your little baby will start to sing simple tunes like “The Alphabet Song” or “Old McDonald”.

Be careful during this time, though. Imitation is part of your child’s learning curve and Junior is watching. What you say and what you do are important, so don’t do or say anything you don’t want Junior doing or saying.

Enjoy this time, though. The first 24 months of your child’s life can be just as frustrating as it is wonderful. Go through his changes with as much wonder and surprise as he will and you’ll find that these times will bear more happiness than you could have ever asked for.

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