What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise & Fitness

* You will look and feel better.
* Your stamina and flexibility will improve.
* Your attitude to life may well become more positive.
* You will sleep better.
* There is a greater chance that you will stay healthier for longer.

What do I need to do to improve my fitness?
* Be clear about what level of fitness you want and how you will know when you have achieved it.
* Choose exercise that you enjoy, can make time for, and can afford.
* Choose whether you prefer to exercise solo or with others.
* Make a commitment to a regular schedule that fits the time that you have available.
* Be clear about how you are likely to enjoy getting and staying fit e.g. walking, jogging, cycling and swimming.
* Choose exercise that increases your stamina and flexibility.
* On average, aim for 30 minutes moderate activity per day to improve your level of fitness.
* Keep a written record to review your progress.

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