Walk Out Anxiety and Stress

Today as we strive to cope with and understand what we as a nation have just recently experienced, there is one outlet that will benefit us in many forms. Exercise has been widely developed and recommended as an aide to improving the quality of life and good health.

Machines, gyms and gimmicks can cost from twenty to a thousand dollars. Some take up a lot of space and not at all appropriate for Seniors.

One of the best known exercises is walking. This can be done without a lot of extra expense. A comfortable pair of walking shoes is nice as well as advisable. Major studies from the American Podiatric Medical Association confirm the beneficial effects of a “regular” walking routine has on a persons overall health.

Simply walking cuts risk of heart disease 300x199 Walk Out Anxiety and Stress

Walk Out Anxiety and Stress

Walking as a regular exercise lowered the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. One mile a day does wonders; building slowly up to two miles a day produced much greater results. Even taking several short brisk walks can produce very good results. It burns calories, gets the heart rate up, relieves anxiety, depression and stress.

Walking produces endorphins known as the bodies natural tranquilizer. Walking, as a weight bearing exercise is of benefit to osteoporosis sufferers.

I walk daily. It serves as time spent with my little Lhasa Opso dog, Mr Woo. A routine that he will not allow me too overlook. It is not always what I consider brisk as he feels the urgency of making numerous stops. Any dog owner will understand that.

Part of the time I wear headphones using my Mp3 Jogger to play my favorite music. Other times I leave the music and just savor the music that nature provides. Birds singing, leaves rustling in the breeze, water in the ditch where we often stand on the bridge and just watch it flow. The air is clean, crisp and now quite cool. Skies are most often clear blue and cloudless … I miss the many vapor trails from the jets, sky skaters. The hawks and eagles still fly; geese are fascinating as they vie for position when they ‘Vee’ up.

One of my favorite things to do is study the clouds, identify an image in as many as I can before the wind nudges them onward.

Walking releases the anxiety and pain of the worlds ills … the lingering effect it has and will have on us for weeks and perhaps years to come. Its physical effects are beneficial to the mind, body and emotions.

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