Unique uses for common household products: Petroleum jelly

Information on some of the most unique uses of petroleum jelly.
VASELINE, the most commonly known petroleum jelly, was trademarked over one hundred and thirty four years ago, in the year of 1878. The uses for petroleum jelly have expanded over the years, and here are some of the most unique ones:

Use 1

If you are an artist, and you use oil paints, you can make your brushes last longer by following this method after each use: Rinse your brushes with turpentine, and then coat them with petroleum jelly. When you are ready to use the brushes again, wipe off the jelly and rinse them again with the turpentine. Now you’re ready to paint! This petroleum jelly also helps to keep your brushes from spreading out and splaying.

Information on some of the most unique uses of petroleum jelly

Use 2

Petroleum jelly is a great make up remover, especially for people with sensitive skin. Simply wipe the lubricant on, and then wipe the jelly and the make up off together. Rinse your face off with cool tap water, and then dab it dry. The residue of the petroleum jelly will help keep your face soft and hydrated too.

Use 3

Some hobby enthusiasts will absolutely love this unique use for petroleum jelly! If you’re putting together a model car or building a radio-controlled airplane- anything that has small moving parts that need to be glued – place a dab of petroleum jelly on a metal teaspoon. Hold the spoon over a small flame until the lubricant turns into a liquid. Now, carefully dip any hinged or small moving parts in the melted jelly, then attach with glue as directed. The melted jelly not only helps to lubricate the moving parts, but it also keeps glue from getting into the hinge, et cetera, and keeps it from seizing up.

Use 4

Rub petroleum jelly on the threads of nuts, bolts, screws, et cetera. It will help make them easier to loosen later. The jelly acts as a lubricant, and it resists rust too.

Use 5

Transparent tape and duct tape, just to name a couple, are used every day to make minor repairs. If you use tape to make a temporary repair though, you will probably be left with a sticky, adhesive mess when you remove the tape. To remove this adhesive, rub petroleum jelly onto the affected area. Let stand a few minutes, and then wipe the area clean with a clean cloth.

Use 6

Hanging wet laundry out on a clothesline to dry is a great energy-saving alternative to using a clothes dryer. Ants can pose a real problem though, because they easily travel up the posts and get onto your clothes. To remedy this problem, wipe some petroleum jelly onto the clothesline posts, about six inches up. The ants can’t travel through the jelly, so they won’t bother you anymore.

Use 7

Coat your hands with a thin layer of petroleum jelly before you paint, work on your car, or perform any sort of task that would ordinarily get your hands stained and dirty. When you are finished, simply wash your hands, and the paint, grease, oil, et cetera will wash right off!

Use 8

The bases of porch lights, garage lights, and other exterior light bulbs often get corroded because they are subjected to the weather. Here’s a unique use for petroleum jelly that will quickly fix that problem once and for all! Before you place a new light bulb in an outside fixture, wipe a very thin coat of over the threads of the light bulb. Then, screw the bulb in and it will be easy to remove the next time it needs to be replaced!

Use 9

There are several products on the market today that will help protect the battery terminals on your car, truck, or van from corroding. But you don’t need to buy any of those products. Simply apply a thick coating of petroleum jelly onto each terminal for superior protection.

Use 10

Finally, if you ever find yourself in the midst of a power outage with no candles to light, here’s a unique, helpful use for petroleum jelly. Find a small jar and place a gob of jelly in it. Stick a birthday candle in the petroleum jelly and light the candle for hours of emergency lighting.

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