Unique uses for common household products: Nail polish

Nail polish can fix and cure as well as seal! Find out some unique uses for nail polish by reading this informative article!
Millions of girls and women paint their fingernails and their toenails everyday by using the ever-popular nail polish. But did you know that there are many more uses for nail polish? Here are some of the most unique uses:

Use 1

Have a run in your pantyhose or stockings? Just dab a bit of clear nail polish on the top and the bottom of the run, and the polish will prevent it from spreading any farther.

Unique uses for common household products: Nail polish

Use 2

If you want to put your name or initials on any sort of a wood item, just use nail polish and paint the information on the item. Before the nail polish dries, light a match and hold it close to the wet polish. The polish will ignite, “branding” the information permanently.

Use 3

Ringworm, also called Tinea, is a contagious fungal infection. It actually has nothing to do with worms at all. This fungus produces an infected red ring on your skin. To get rid of ringworm, dab some clear nail polish onto the area once a day, for several days.

Use 4

If you suddenly notice that gnats or those pesky mosquitoes have invaded your home, you might have a small hole in a window or door screen that is letting them in. A quick fix to this is to apply a dab of clear nail polish over each and every hole until it is covered. Once it dries, the holes will be sealed permanently.

Use 5

To keep those tiny screws from popping out of your eyeglass frames, dab on a small drop of clear nail polish onto the threads of the screws before you retighten them.

Use 6

Are you a crafter of porcelain dolls or other items? If you are, then here’s a great unique use for clear nail polish: when you are putting a doll together, for example, paint any porcelain parts of the doll that fit or rub together with clear nail polish first. Allow the nail polish to dry thoroughly before putting the parts of the doll together.

Use 7

Do you like the looks of stained glass? You can easily make your own imitation stained glass. Use any color of nail polish to make an image or a design on a piece of acetate or plastic. Turn it over and check out the great results!

Use 8

Clear nail polish, when painted onto nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and other fasteners, will help prevent them from rusting.

Use 9

Here’s another unique use for nail polish: does your metal watch band turn your wrist green? Or, maybe you’re allergic to the metal, and it’s causing a red rash on your wrist? To cure these problems, just paint the back of your metal watch with a clear coat of nail polish. If the metal band is affecting your skin, you can coat it as well.

Use 10

Suppose that you’re on your way to a picnic and you’ve got the food put into your bowls, all ready to go. But, wait! What happens if your glass bowls get mixed up with others? Before you head out the door, just use any color of nail polish to mark your name or initials on your glass bowls, and there will be no chance of them getting lost.

And, a final note: If your nail polish dries up, you can revive it by simply adding a few drops of nail polish remover to it.

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