Unique uses for common household products: Conditioner

Conditioner is not just for your hair, it can be used for numerous things around your home. The uses can range from plants to wood.
Conditioner can be used for many applications around your house other than just your hair. Conditioner can be used in replace of your body or hand lotion. You can protect your scalp when you perm your hair by applying conditioner to your scalp before you begin. You can also rub conditioner on your skin, around your hairline, when you dye your hair to prevent the color from staining your skin.

To prevent your silver from tarnishing apply a thin coat of conditioner with a soft cloth to clean and polish silver items, then wipe off the excess conditioner leaving behind a protective coating. You can rub a little conditioner onto your finger to help remove a ring that has become stuck on your finger and slide the ring off. By applying a small amount of conditioner to your hands before painting or fixing the car, you can clean your hands easier after the work is finished. If you have rough feet you can apply some conditioner to your feet and put on a pair of socks to soften them overnight.

Unique uses for common household products: Conditioner

Combing some conditioner through your hair can stop static in your hair. You can protect your hair from drying out from swimming in a pool by rubbing some conditioner in your hair before getting in the pool. Conditioner can be used on a cloth to help remove makeup on your face. You can prevent dry lines on your face by using a little conditioner on the lines. If you have trouble removing a band-aid you can remove it painlessly by applying some conditioner to the edges then peeling it off. You can apply conditioner to chapped lips and skin to prevent the chapping. After shaving you can apply some conditioner to the area that you shaved to soothe and smooth the area.
If you have zippers that are hard to zip use conditioner on them to make them zip easier. You can also clean, condition, protect, and soften leather items by applying conditioner to the leather. You can make vinyl items shine by rubbing conditioner on the item and buffing it. If your pet has paw problems you can protect your pets’ paws by applying conditioner to them before letting your pet outside. If you have squeaky shoes apply some conditioner to them to stop the noise. If you have a pet that has long hair that tangles up you can comb some conditioner through their hair to detangle the hair and make it easier to brush.

By applying some conditioner to pipe joints you can make them fit better. You can prevent tools, nuts, and bolts from rusting by applying conditioner to them. You can stop items in your house from sticking by apply conditioner around the area something is getting stuck at. Conditioner can also be used in replace of oil to keep door hinges from squeaking. By using conditioner, you can hide scratches on your wood furniture. Conditioner can also be applied to wood paneling or other items to prevent them from drying out.

You can use conditioner to buff and shine chrome items in your house or on your vehicle. Conditioner can also be used on a cloth to clean and shine your plant leaves around your home. By coating candlestick holders with conditioner before inserting the candle, you can remove the wax drippings easily after use. You can also use conditioner to lubricate roller skates and bicycle chains. You can apply conditioner with a cloth on the shafts of golf clubs to make them shine.

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