Unique uses for common household products: Blow dryers

A blow dryer can do more than just dry your hair! Find out some unique uses for your blow dryer by reading this informative article!

When you think of using a blow dryer, you probably think of just drying your hair with it. There are many more unique uses for this incredible device, and here are eight of them:

Use 1

Whether you just applied fingernail polish to your finger nails or to your toe nails, if you want the polish to dry quickly, just turn your blow dryer on the “low” setting and wave it across your nails. The polish will dry in no time!

Use 2

Unique uses for common household products Blow dryers 300x300 Unique uses for common household products: Blow dryers

Unique uses for common household products: Blow dryers

One of the hazards of freezing cold weather is having the water pipes in your house, apartment, or trailer freeze up. First, you will have to determine approximately where the frozen part of the water pipe is. Then, you can get out your blow dryer and hold it within three to four inches of the frozen area. Pass it back and forth over the area until the ice thaws inside the pipe. Be especially careful when using a blow dryer on plastic water pipes, as the heat can loosen the glue that is holding the joints together.

Use 3

Here is another unique use for a blow dryer: When you bathe your dog or your cat, that can be an adventure in itself, especially if they are not fond of water! And, if they are real furry, a towel just won’t do the trick in getting them dry. Simply use your blow dryer set at a “low” setting. Keep the dryer about six inches away from their coat, and keep it moving all of the time, so you don’t accidentally burn their skin.

Use 4

Crawling into a cold bed at night is another one of the uncomfortable side effects of winter. It is especially chilly if your furnace quits running in the middle of the night! To remedy this problem, get out your blow dryer and turn it on the “low” or the “medium” setting. Then, stick it underneath the blankets, in between your covers and the fitted sheet. Don’t let the hot nozzle of the blow dryer touch your skin, because you could get a burn from the heat. And, don’t let it lay on any material, because that could start a fire. When your bed is warm enough, shut the blow dryer off, and unplug it for safety’s sake.

Use 5

House plants don’t usually require a lot of care other than watering, feeding, and cleaning. They get dust and tiny debris on their leaves, and it needs to be cleaned off periodically. Plant leaves are rather delicate, so you can’t just anything to clean them. For a quick and easy trick, try using your blow dryer to gently blow the dust and dirt off the plant leaves.

Use 6

Everyone knows that sometimes, when you have to remove a bandage, it can be painful, and it can leave the bandaged area sore too. The next time you have to remove a bandage from your skin, try running a blow dryer over the adhesive for a few minutes first. The heat will help to soften the adhesive, and it will be easier to peel off.

Use 7

Here is another unique use for a blow dryer, and this use is for kids: have a friend write a message on a white piece of paper with some lemon juice and a cotton swab. Tell your friend not to let you see what he or she has written, and to make their message invisible by blowing it dry with a blow dryer set on “low”. Now, when you want to read their message, set the blow dryer on “high” and run it across the paper until it appears again.

Use 8

If you need a small item of clothing washed and dried in a hurry, simply hand wash the item out in a sink (use bath soap if you don’t have laundry soap). Make sure that you rinse the item clean, and wring it out gently. Then, hang it up and use your blow dryer to dry it nearly wrinkle free! This use is especially handy when you are on vacation, or, if you wear a uniform shirt, for example. You can use this tip on nylon hose, but be careful not to melt them!

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