The Sparkling Beauty of Koi Fish Ponds

Imagine a place where you can sit and watch the antics of lively Koi Fish. These beauties are a striking vision swimming in the water of your pond. With red-orange, gold, black and white coloration’s, the streamlined bodies of the fish can relax and almost hypnotize you. These fish are elegant in appearance yet easy to maintain in a well kept environment.

There are many plans available with detailed instructions for building a pond for these fish. These include detailed instructions for size and building materials and are not difficult to construct. These plans are avilable online for instant download. You could build your fish pond this weekend and be enjoying these ornamental fish soon.

The size of the pond is important as it will dictate how many Koi can be added to the water. As a general rule, 1000 gallons of water will support two fish. The temperature of the water is important as outdoor temperatures fluctuate. You need the ability to prevent overheating of the water in summer months and also control the water temperature during winter months. The depth of the water and size of the pond can provide much of the climate control you need as deeper ponds will be temperature controlled somewhat by the earth around them.

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The Sparkling Beauty of Koi Fish Ponds

As in any Japanese water garden, the shape of the pond should be created to look like a natural water feature. Structured shapes or square corners do not suit a natural garden setting.

Placement of the pond is also a consideration. You need access to electricity for pumps, filters and for heaters needed in winter months. Direct sunlight should be avoided as it can overheat the water and promotes the growth of algae. Shade can also be an issue as leaves dropping into the water can decompose and contaminate the pond. The perfect setting is one with high branches that provide dappled shade. The ray of sunlight that come through that shade will enhance the beauty of the flashing Koi colors.

You have a wide variety of material to choose from when building a Koi fish pond. The easiest is a pre-molded heavy plastic form as sold in many home improvement and garden stores. These are not the best choice as they are often not of sufficient depth to provide a health environment for your aquatic friends.

Flexible vinyl pond liners are another choice but can be difficult to manage and are known for tearing and leaking. Building a pond deep and large enough for koi fish requires real effort. You don’t want to have to move the fish to repair a torn liner after one or two seasons.

The two strongest construction materials are rubber sheet liners and concrete. Concrete is expensive to install and also may leach lime into the water. The rubber liner is specifically made for pond use and often guaranteed to last for up to 20 years.

Lay out the shape of your pond with a piece of rope or garden hose. Get the design in place before starting construction. Anchor the liner with rocks at the edge to provide an attractive and natural looking pond for your Koi fish.

Adding plants to a Koi fish pond provide places for the fish to hide and you may use floating or submerged plants. When adding floating plants do it slowly as the Koi fish may eat them.

Adding lights or lanterns, waterfalls or a bridge over your Koi fish pond may be part of your original design or may be projects complete over time to enhance your Japanese water garden and Koi fish pond.

If you start with a small pond it’s good to allow some unplanted space around one or two sides to allow expansion of your pond in the future. Raising Koi fish can be addictive and the ability to turn your small water feature into a larger pond is an option to keep in mind.

Water quality is crucial to the survival of Koi fish. This requires water pumps and filters to keep the water aerated and clean. To raise healthy Koi fish, avoid over-populating your pond. With enough space Koi will grow quite large and maintaining the pond will be an easy task.

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