Teen decorating ideas: Cool window treatments for teenagers bedroom

Cool window treatment ideas for your cool teen! Letting your teenager define their style in their space doesn’t have to expensive or difficult. Take a look at these awesome ideas!

When it comes to teens, their idea of cool may not necessarily be the same as yours. If you have a teen in the house, you know how much they love their room and how much time they spend there. Why not make it a space just for them with some “way cool” window treatments. After all, self-expression is very important to teens.

Thinking outside the box is essential in visualizing new and different window treatments. If an item is long enough and relatively straight, it becomes a curtain rod. If you find something that would hang above the window like a valance, use it. Fabric with a nice texture, color or other coveted quality can be used for easy sew or no-sew panels. You don’t even have to get out the needle and thread to make the perfect window scarf.
Here are some great ideas for window treatments that teens will love. Hey, you might even overhear your teen telling their friends how cool you are!

Teen decorating ideas: Cool window treatments for teenagers bedroom

Odd Rods

Remember to think outside the box. Here are just a few items that make awesome rods. You can use rod pocket curtains, tab tops, grommets and S-hooks, rope or twine, café curtain clips and even hook and loop fasteners.

Hockey stick

Boat oar

Small branch or twig

PVC pipe – can be painted or covered in fabric

Steel cable

Copper pipe

Cardboard tubes from wrapping paper – fabric or contact paper covered

Swing arm type rods

Wooden coat or hat rack with pegs – great for tab top curtains

Ski poles

Velcro – attached to a wood strip or directly to the wall – the other Velcro side is attached to curtain fabric

Top Hat

Valances, cornices and swags all add interest to a room and window. Depending on the level of privacy your teen needs, a clever topper may be all that is needed to turn a regular window into a “way cool” one. The ideas below work well over mini-blinds, shades or curtains, too.

Team pennants stapled above the window, pointed end down

Medals or ribbons hung from an expandable peg rack

Satin ribbons tied simply over an inexpensive café rod and left to float freely

Make a wood or Styrofoam cornice and paint as desired

Cover a cornice with old album covers or CDs, shiny side out

Strands of Christmas lights or other decorative lights, hung like a swag

An old or new shutter, hung horizontally – paint as desired or age with crackle paint

A surfboard, hung horizontally

Scarves, bandanas, placemats or even fabric napkins folded over a small rod

Chamois cloth hung from a rod either folded over or attached with café curtain clips

Ribbons and bells – attach small bells at the end of varying lengths of ribbon

A Hawaiian grass skirt stapled above the window

Beyond Plain Curtains

Simple curtain panels don’t do much to personalize a space and teens need a space to reflect their personality. Here are some novel ideas for covering the windows in your teen’s room.

Paint, stencil or stamp plain panels with fabric or acrylic paint.

Loop rope or twine through tab top curtains and hang from pegs, a boat oar or other unusual rod (see Odd Rods above).

Make simple rod packet curtains from a professional sports team fabric or any other favorite fabric.

Sew or fabric glue lace material over a shiny fabric and sew them into a rod pocket curtain or hang with café curtain clips.

Install swing arm rods at the window corners and hang a favorite panel from them

Attach old or new shutters to the window sides with hinges.

Hang parachute fabric with café clips or put grommets in the fabric and hang with S-hooks.

Etch the glass using etching medium from the hobby store – You can make designs with sticker if you want – When you take off the stickers and wash off the etching medium, the space where the sticker was is still clear glass.

Get your teen some dry-erase or non-permanent markers and let them write on or draw on their windows. It washes right off with just water.

Tie-dye plain white panels.

Paint or stencil a design on a matchstick blind or a woven beach mat.

Paint a roller shade with the new paints made for plastic.

Old tablecloths make interesting curtains.

Beaded curtains are a big hit with teens – have them make their own.

Create a stained glass window right on the glass with pre-cut leading and glass paints.

Find a great shower curtain and hang with café clips – Leather laces used to hang a denim shower curtain from a twig makes a great rustic window treatment.

Fold a lace tablecloth over at the top to create a valance and hang from a pretty rod with café clips.

Sheets make great curtains and already have a rod pocket sewn into them.

Boat sails – nail to wall – tie back with rope.

Use a pretty piece of lace as a stencil and spray paint the design on the window.

A fringed blanket can be tied to your rod of choice by the fringes – Think of a wool blanket tied to a walking stick or a pretty fringed throw tied to copper pipe.

Attach sheer/semi sheer fabric with Velcro top and bottom.

It’s All About Accessories

Yes, even in home décor accessories are important. It’s that little “something”, that special touch that makes your window treatment stand out. Try some of these on for size, and then come up with you own ideas.

Styrofoam circle shapes painted with the peace sign makes instant finials.

So do Styrofoam balls – cover with fabric, paint or whatever.

Beads and necklaces used as tiebacks.

Leather belts make great tiebacks.

Black leather spike necklaces or bracelets make novel “punk” tiebacks.

Glass doorknobs are interesting finials.

Vintage costume jewelry can be used to dress up curtains or as tiebacks.

For a western theme, spurs and horseshoes hold curtains back with pizzazz.

So, you see personal style is just that – personal. Let your teen’s imagination and individuality shine through. You may just find that you like their style!

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