Teen decorating ideas: Cheap and easy teenager bedroom decorating ideas

Make your own window treatments, storage bins, find cheap decorative items, homemade posters, and find cheap wall treatments perfect for everchanging teen rooms.
The teen years are a time of self-discovery, and so of course there is an undeniable need for self-expression. You want your room to represent YOU. Having a cool bedroom that reflects you is easy and it isn’t necessary to go out and spend lots of money. You’ll find a lot of what you need around the house. And not spending much means you can redecorate more often. After all, before long you may want something totally different.


A fun way to make awesome curtains is to get two twin sized sheets and tie dye them. Instructions for tie-dying are on the packages of many types of dye. Just cut the sheets along the outer top seams after you’ve dyed them to create a space for the curtain rod to go through and they’re ready to hang. Or go with solid colors that you don’t have to dye and within minutes you have a new set of curtains.

Teen decorating ideas

Another idea is popcorn curtains. Similar to making popcorn beads to decorate a Christmas tree, all you have to do is string up several rows (as many as you want) and tie them around a small piece of wood that’s long enough to go across a window. Make the strands of popcorn as long or as short as you want. Nail the piece of wood to the upper, down facing part of the window frame. And if your friends eat your curtains, you can get them to help make more. Just don’t use buttered popcorn.


If you have a desk in your room, you need containers for your pens, pencils, paint brushes, paper clips, phone numbers, etc. Food cans are an excellent choice. You’re helping the environment by recycling while you decorate. You can peel the labels off and you’ll have silver bins or leave labels on for a quirky statement. Empty jars are good, too.


The best place to go to purchase decorative items is your local thrift store or Salvation Army. Sometimes at places like this you’ll stumble across really cool decorative items. And the best part is you’re not likely to come across someone who has anything exactly like it.

You’ll end up with something that is totally YOU.


Most posters are overpriced but you can make your own one of a kind original. Just get a few magazines, some scissors, glue and a poster board. Cut out fun images, funky images, or funny ones—whatever suits your style. Cut out words or phrases to make a statement. For the artistically inclined, this is a fun project. For the not-so-artistically inclined, this gives you a chance to spread your creative wings.


The typical way to change your walls is with paint. Another less permanent way to do this is to get stick-on wall paper. Many dollar stores carry this. Some is made in thin strips specifically for borders, but others come in larger rolls. At one to three dollars a roll, it shouldn’t cost more than twenty or twenty five bucks to cover an entire room.

The most important aspect of decorating is that you end up with a space that says something about who you are. But above all… BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN.

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