Start-Up Tips: Take a Break…For Your Health’s Sake

How many times have you spent the day toiling away at work without breathing fresh air, eating a decent meal, or getting any exercise other than the walk from your desk to the coffee machine? Sound familiar? If not, as an aspiring entrepreneur, get ready. While none of us go into our own businesses intending to put our health at risk, it happens. Many will even tell you it’s part of the territory.

To take control of your health while trying to ensure the success of your business, heed the following basic, yet often forgotten advice:

Eat regularly
Either three square meals or a succession of small, but healthy snacks (even a bunch a grapes, yogurt, half a turkey sandwich and a Powerbar) will help you avoid that mid-afternoon hunger pang. A little protein goes a long way in making sure your mind and body stay sharp.

Start-Up Tips: Take a Break...For Your Health's Sake

Don’t depend on one source of energy
Coffee, sugar, or ugh, cigarettes can keep you awake, but in a bad way. Instead of getting wired where you’re bound to crash sooner or later, choose water. Yes, it’s boring, but it keeps you feeling hydrated and vitalized.

Take your vitamins
If you’re on the road like many of us, you can be destined to miss meals and eat takeout (no matter how much you resist). Remember that when swallowing that big old horse pill in the morning.

Feel the sunshine
Ok, we know it’s cold out for many of you. But even if it’s only a brief walk outside to get the mail, fresh air and sunshine will help stave off the depression and pasty white skin that comes from staring at a computer screen.

Every hour or so, make sure to stand, stretch and walk around a bit to keep the circulation going. Where did you think those pins and needles came from?

Power nap
If you can’t seem to get a decent amount of sleep at night, find a way to sneak in one or two 30-60 minute naps half-way through your day. This is where that office couch you paid too much for, or better yet working at home, really pays off.

Find time for you
And last but not least, do find some time for yourself. If work is really demanding your life and soul, try to just take off a full weekend. Then, at first chance, take a weekend, or even a real vacation. Sure you have a lot of work, but time off (for your health and sanity) is one appointment you’re going to have to just force yourself to keep.

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