Start-Up Tips: Chase Passion, Not Profits

Everything around you is telling you it’s time to go out on your own. You’re feeling the restraints of working for someone else. You’re tired of other people getting credit for your ideas. You long for the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. You’re ready to make the solo leap.

But how do you choose what course is best for you? It’s an important decision – maybe one of the most important you’ll ever make. And it’s easy to get paralyzed by all the options.

In guiding thousands of entrepreneurs over the last decade, I’ve discovered the one ingredient that makes a difference in creating a successful business launch: Choose with passion – not profits – in mind.

When you make your decision with your heart, it fuels your venture in unexpected ways:

Guide to Building Self Esteem and Self Improvement 300x300 Start Up Tips: Chase Passion, Not Profits

Start-Up Tips: Chase Passion, Not Profits

1. You’ll be focused on achieving a goal that’s bigger than you. When you set large goals, even achieving a small part of them is significant.

2. It will sustain you during the inevitable long days and late nights. If you’re doing something you truly love, you’ll spend less time moping when friends and colleagues with more traditional employment are off at the movies or on vacation.

3. You’ll turn into a natural marketer for your business. You’ll find yourself wanting to share how great, special, or unique your product or service is with nearly everyone you meet – an important first step to generating sales.

4. Your creativity will be unleashed. Inspired to build a business that reflects your strongest interests and values, you’ll tap into a well of creativity that will be deep and full.

5. Your work will have more meaning. You’ll find that even the smallest tasks can be enjoyable, because they’re all part of a larger effort that is personally fulfilling.

As you embark on your solo journey, cast aside the temptations of the “get rich quick” come-ons or the urgings of a colleague who offers advice about the latest trend. Instead, spend some time discovering what really fuels your passion. Then turn to your creative side to translate that into a business.

By embracing passion instead of profits, you’ll experience the satisfaction that thousands of individuals have discovered: Working solo is much more than generating income, it’s about designing your life.

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