Spring flower arrangements: Tips for creating easy and fun arrangements of fresh flowers in your home

Spring Flower Bouquets

Having a container of bright blooms can accent a table, brighten a dark corner, or add a touch of elegance. The flowers bring smiles to visitors’ faces and a fresh spring scent to your home. Creating these flower arrangements are no trouble at all to do at home and can save on expensive floral bills.

First, choose a lovely wicker basket to hold your flowers. You can select any size or shape imaginable, as long as you’re not overwhelming the space where it will reside. Also, make sure that your flowers will sit comfortably in the basket and make their presence felt. A basket with a handle will invite ribbons for decoration and allowances for height.

Spring Flower Bouquets

A basket without a handle will sit nicely in any niche and an attractive green garland can be attached easily to the outside.
Second, line the basket with plastic wrap or a plastic bag. A piece of green foam will hold the plastic in place and will hold water to keep your flowers fresh. This foam may need to be trimmed. Using a utility knife will shave the foam into the shape necessary for the bottom of the basket.

Spring brings the best flowers. Pansies, peonies, lilies, roses, lilacs, tulips, daffodils, carnations, and daisies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You will want flowers that are close in size to each other and whose colors blend well together. If giving the basket as a gift and your receiver has a favorite, choose those first. The colors should flow. You will not want the harsh red of a rose next to the delicate yellow of a daffodil. The colors should bring attention to the whole display, not blind the viewer. The use greenery on the rim of the basket or interspersed with the flowers can highlight the colors well. A touch of baby’s breath can also bring drama to the arrangement.

Simple green garlands can be purchased at any store that provides arts and crafts. Realistic looking greenery can be blended with real flowers easily and nobody will be able to tell the difference. On a basket without a handle, a wreath of green ivy can be purchased and affixed to the rim with discreet green wire ties or invisible thread.

If you are cutting your flowers, occasionally pause to set them in the basket. If you have purchased a bouquet at the local grocers or florist, mind the size of your basket or take it with you. If you have a favorite flower, place it in the center of the basket and use the others as a backdrop. To avoid a busy display, do not pack them too tightly

Once you are home, lay all of your flowers out. You will now want to measure the depth of the well in your basket. This will be your reference for the length of the stems you will be cutting. Next, use a pair of garden shears to cut the stalks to a uniform length. You will want to make these cuts at a forty-five-degree angle. By alternating the flowers and greenery, you create a wonderfully pleasing visual display.

Finally, acquire a small measuring cup with warm water. Never use cold water on your fresh-cut flowers as this will shock them and they will die quicker. The green foam will act as a sponge and distribute water to the flowers for days. Gently pour enough water onto the foam until it is soaked well.

Creating these flower arrangements can be fun, inexpensive and provide a wonderful smell to your home. Having these blooms grace your table, a shelf, or windowsill can be a promise of sun in a darkened corner. A nice array of flowers in a wicker basket can be a heartfelt, handmade gift that brings a smile to anybody’s face.

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