Seven Steps To Discovering Your True Self

Are you a people pleaser? Pay attention to pleasing yourself.

William Shakespeare once wrote “To thine own self be true.” But are you in touch with your true self? How can you tell? If you answer yes to any of the following, then you are probably not.

  • Do you find yourself saying yes to people when what you really mean is no?
  • Are you doing a job you don’t enjoy?
  • Do you have difficulty dealing with your emotions? You find yourself quick to temper or cry easily.
  • Frequently ask yourself “Who am I?”

Chances are that you have been people pleasing most of your life. You’ve been affected by the beliefs and values of other people, and forgotten to pay attention to your own.

Guide to Building Self Esteem and Self Improvement 300x300 Seven Steps To Discovering Your True Self

Seven Steps To Discovering Your True Self

So What can I do to counteract this?

1. Listen to that inner voice.
What is your first reaction when someone asks a favor of you, or tries to discourage you from doing what you want to do? This is the True You.

2. Creativity. 
Rediscover long forgotten pastimes. What did you enjoy as a child? What was it you were passionate about? It could have been drawing, painting, dancing etc.

3. Heal old emotional wounds.
Do you find yourself close to tears if someone says the wrong thing to you? Are you quick to take offense at an off the cuff remark? Find yourself getting angry at yourself? Chances are that you are carrying a lot of emotional baggage around with you. Baggage that you haven’t yet dealt with.

Try looking through old photographs with a close friend or family member that you trust. Listening to music that reminds you of the good times and the bad, and let the tears flow. Think of Counseling as a possible option if you have suffered a very traumatic past.

4. Dreams.
Keep a notepad by the side of the bed to record any dreams you can remember. It’s best to write these down as soon as you can, although you may find some elements of the dreams coming back to you during the course of the day.

Think in a symbolic way. One image to one person may mean something entirely different to another. Dreams are a way of bringing issues from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. What you need to ask yourself is, what does this mean to me?

5. Keep a daily journal
Record your thoughts and feelings. Connect with your inner self.

6. Three Goals.
Think of three goals you would like to achieve. Start small at first, then when you’ve achieved them try another three larger goals. Display then on the kitchen wall. Think of the sense of achievement you will get ticking them off.

7. Take a Self Help course.
A lot of these type of courses help you to come to self awareness with a variety of self development exercises for you to try.

Your True Self lies waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to take the journey of Self Discovery?

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