Self Improvement: Spiritual Growth and Its Challenges Today

The sricle title is talking about the challenges of spiritual growth, because the challenges are serious indeed. Our world is biased by money. Let’s be frank to ourselves – do we hear real concern about that in television, magazines, and the web? We know in what dress Paris Hilton went to the disco or what is the name of her dog, but we don’t hear much (with the exception of the Internet and some special blogs) about the guy who invented how to easily make pure water even from ocean water without much fuss and energy involved.

Guide to Building Self Esteem and Self Improvement 300x300 Self Improvement: Spiritual Growth and Its Challenges Today

Spiritual Growth and Its Challenges Today

Media brings us up to be good consumers and to become people addicted to making more money. Get rich or die trying – nice motto. But being rich does not mean that you must think about money only. This is just part of the puzzle.

We live in a free world, but for some strange reason this free world is not paying much attention to the balanced growth of a human being.

Maybe, because a balanced personality will not need that much fluff which is hammered into our heads daily?

Good question. All good things start from good questions.

That is why if you want to restore the balance between material and spiritual aspects of your life, you need to:

Look Inward

Too much noise around you, but this noise carries meaningless. Hear yourself – you have real treasures inside. Look closely into yourself and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and motivations.

The periodical examination of experiences, decisions, relationships, and the things you engage in will give you truly useful insights on your life goals, on the good traits you must sustain and the bad traits you have to discard.

Without expensive consultants you will understand how to act, react, and conduct yourself in any situation.

Develop Your Potentials

The needs of our bodies are important, but the needs of the spirit have the same importance.  After the satisfaction of the basic physiological and emotional needs, come the spiritual or existential needs. You can be reaching self-development via the service to God, or do that just for the sake of self-development. The most important is that you DO that.

You are given a unique chance to develop yourself. This materialistic world is sometimes tough and rough, but it is the only place where you can change things even with the physical actions.

Search for Meaning

You will never find the ultimate meaning of everything. And this is good, because there will be no end to the search which is a truly exciting process and procedure. During this search – like in a good journey – you will discover so many treasures of the world, that you will feel real sympathy for those who only want to get to the top 100 Forbes list of the richest people.

Be the master or meanings. This is the most interesting game that was invented by the creation for us.

See Interconnections

All things are so intermingled in life. This is a bizarre and sometimes unexplainable net of interconnections, but it seems so just because we have not got used to see the true meaning of things.

Seeing the interconnections, seeing into the things and through things will open you the new ways to make things in life. For those who are out of this process you will look like Gendalf – a magician that can do almost everything. In reality you will just understand the laws of life and will know how to play by these laws.

You will make things happen not via manipulating the laws, but by following them and getting a shortcut in the situations where others will lose their head and go “down the drain.”

Nothing is more exciting than walking on the path of self-improvement and helping others to stand on that path.

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