Selecting the right glass vase for a flower arrangement

Find the right glass vase for your flower arrangement with these tips.

There are just as many different kinds of glass vases for flowers as there are different types of flowers available. How can you find the right vase for your flower arrangement?

Remember that just as people notice the beautiful flower arrangement, they do notice the vase that the flowers come in. The vase must compliment the flower arrangement. The two must work in harmony together to create an attractive masterpiece.

Many vases are created out of glass. Vases have been made out of glass for decades. Vases have been created in clear glass, frosted glass and solid glass.

Glass vases today often have no embellishment and look very sleek and modern. You can find these most often in clear glass in green, blue, purple and translucent glass. A new look for glass vases is the rectangular and the square vase, which gives your flower arrangements a very modern look. This can be an excellent choice for your arrangement, and certainly adds a different touch to a room.

Selecting the right glass vase for a flower arrangement

Vases are also available in solid glass and they are very popular. The solid glass vases come in literally every color of the rainbow. These are often used in modern decorating both in the home and in corporate offices. Popular colors for solid colored glass vases include coral, dark green, lilac and aqua.

Frosted glass vases are also available. These are also popular and have been popular for a very long time. You see frosted glass vases very often in white and green frosted glass. They compliment the green of the leaves in flower arrangements very well, bringing out the natural beauty in flower arrangements. This is a popular choice for home arrangements.

There are also beautiful glass vases that have been painted on, or include handblown glass. These are truly works of art. Often these are beautiful even to keep in a room even when you do not have any flowers in them. Handblown vases often remind people of the Art Deco art period. Handpainted vases often have flowers and leaves on them.

When selecting a glass vase for your flower arrangement, notice how large the arrangement is. If your flower arrangement is tall then you will want a vase that is also tall. Your vase should be at least as tall as the stems of your flowers. It is an artistic choice to select a vase that would be taller. A taller vase would give you a very long and lean look that could be perfect for the room.

Is your flower arrangement not so tall but very wide and bursting with blooms? If so you will want a shorter vase but one that has a slim neck. A neck that is too open will allow the flowers to droop and drop too quickly. A slim neck will keep the flowers up and together in an arrangement. Gather the flowers together in your hands and notice the width you will need. Is it the width of one hand or smaller? Getting a visual estimate will help you select the perfect vase that you need.

In selecting the right glass vase for your flower arrangement you may also wish to consider the type of flowers and where they will be placed. Whether you are placing vases in your home or office, chances are you want them to compliment your furniture, artwork and the style of the decor in the room the flowers will be placed. There are many styles of vases to choose from, and once you have selected the style and shape of vase that you are looking for, it is easy to find exactly the vase that you need.

There are many choices to find the right glass vase. Noticing your beautiful flowers and your surroundings will inspire you to find the perfect glass vase.

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