Seasonal gardens: what are good summer flower bulb plants?

Valuable information on the best summer flower bulb varieties.

Growing summer bulb flowers is a wonderful way to brighten your landscaping. They provide color and interest without the chore of replanting year after year. There are many varieties of summer bulb flowers to choose from. When deciding what to plant, be sure to consider which colors will best accent your perennials, as well as the exterior of your home. Also, keep in mind the approximate height the plants will reach in relation to other foliage in your landscaping.

“Allium spp.”, more commonly recognized as an “ornamental onion”, is an outstanding choice for a summer bulb garden. Alliums have a long, bare stem, and are topped with a round ball comprised of tiny individual blooms. There are many varieties of allium to choose from. They are available in varying shades of purple, pink, yellow, and white, and differ greatly in size and height. Some allium bulbs are very small, while others are larger than the palm of your hand. Blooms can be as large as a grapefruit, or as small as the diameter of a quarter. They are best suited for USDA hardiness zones four through eight, and they thrive in full to partial sun. Allium is very attractive when planted with shorter flowers that compliment their brilliant colors.

Valuable information on the best summer flower bulb varieties.

“Begonia tuberhybrida hybrids”, otherwise known as “tuberous begonias”, are one of the brightest summer bulb flowers available. Color choices are vibrant white, pink, red, orange, and yellow. They require full to partial sun, and well-draining, moist soil. These stunning flowers can reach heights ranging between twelve and eighteen inches. There are also trailing varieties that make beautiful hanging baskets. Tuberous begonias also grow well in containers, and look very impressive on a porch or deck.

Another excellent choice for your summer bulb garden is “Lilium spp.”, or just simply the “lily”. There are numerous varieties in about every color of the rainbow, and some are quite fragrant. Some varieties are as short as two feet, while others reach an amazing height of eight feet. Lilies require full sun, but will grow in partially shaded locations, especially in warmer climates. Like most bulb flowers, they need well-drained soil to help prevent mold, pests, and diseases. They make nice cut arrangements, and short varieties can be grown successfully in planters.

“Leucojum spp.”, also known as “snowflakes”, is a pretty addition to a summer bulb garden. Although they begin blooming in spring, they will continue to produce small, white, bell-shaped blooms through the middle of summer. Snowflakes can be grown in USDA hardiness zones four through nine. They are hardy bulb flowers that require full sun to partial shade. They like plenty of water, but should be planted in a location with proper drainage. Snowflake bulbs can also be planted in containers.

Whether your summer bulb garden is an elaborate flowerbed or a simple display on a porch or deck, you will discover how rewarding it is to watch them grow and flourish year after year. Summer bulbs are a wonderful choice for every flower enthusiast.

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