Quit Smoking Tips: Why Nicotine Is Addictive

Nicotine is not the only culprit behind the addiction. There are loads of other ingredients added to your cigarettes to boost the effects of nicotine and increase its addictiveness.

One of these ingredients is ammonia. Ammonia is purposely added in to the tobacco mixture because it increases the speed at which the nicotine reaches your brain. Remember, the faster the nicotine can reach your brain, the more addicting it is. Another added ingredient is the same chemical found in rocket fuel. It’s there to keep your cigarettes burning hot enough to turn the nicotine into a vapor so that, you guessed it, it can reach your brain quicker.

Quit Smoking Tips: Why Nicotine Is Addictive

Pack Fact: Cigarettes need to burn at very hot temperatures in order to turn the nicotine into a vapor. Unfortunately, the same chemicals that keep the cigarettes burning so hot cause them to always stay lit, whether you are puffing on them or not! That’s unfortunate because many fires are started from unwatched cigarettes that are still burning at extremely hot temperatures.

As if rocket fuel and ammonia weren’t enough, there are loads of other chemicals added to keep you smoking. Even the cigarette itself is designed to be the most effective nicotine delivery system possible. The modern day cigarette is the end result of many years, and millions of dollars, worth of research aimed at designing a cigarette that can deliver an addicting amount of nicotine. Let’s look at how cigarettes are designed to be addicting:

  • Paper  – designed to burn evenly at very hot temperatures – contain chemicals to improve the taste and smell
  • Filter  – specifically made so as not to remove too much nicotine – actually increases the speed of nicotine delivery
  • Tobacco  – genetically engineered plants that produce high levels of nicotine

If you are starting to feel a bit angry that all of these things have been added to the cigarettes you enjoy so much, you should be. Understand that many of these chemicals were purposely added to make you better able to tolerate toxic amounts of cigarette smoke. And know that they were added without regard to your health. Most of all, know that many of these chemicals were added to keep you addicted. From the perspective of the tobacco industry, an addicted customer is a customer for life, no matter how short that life is.

But don’t worry; it is you that is going to have the last laugh. No matter how many chemicals are added to cigarettes, nothing can stop you from quitting if you never give up.
Good luck! We know you can do it!

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