Quit cold turkey, or use the patch?

I have been smoking for many years. The first time I tried to quit it was cold turkey. That was so very hard to do. I nearly lost my mind, however, my husband nearly lost his life!

My husband being a target of my hot-flashes was not a pretty picture. I was trying to be a strong soldier and handle it all by myself. Instead I was a red-faced big mouthed dominating b—h! At least that is what I was told. :)

He continued to smoke as I grew a stronger backbone, ultimately becoming even more bitter.

Quit cold turkey, or use the patch?

I decided to try the patch after deciding that a murder charge would not fit into my lifestyle. Nor was prison what I had in mind for my future.

However, this time was just a dry run of what was to come.

Once you stop it smells ten times worse than when you smoked. My husband was still smoking. So I figured if I had to smell it, then I’d rather it be my own. So I smoked for another few years.

One week before my husbands 50th he decides ‘we’ will quit on his birthday. There was no discussions, no fears to put in place as obstacles.
Our dog slowly dying would not stop us, nor the fact that we had to move, nor buying our first house was going to get in the way of us becoming free from nicotine. I did not argue with him. I was shocked he even said it. I just said, okay!
There is no excuse to stop these days because of the patch, we bought Nicoderm “CQ”.
It comes with a tape to listen to. They also suggest going to support groups. This can help because; many issues come up when detoxifying. It can be hard to do all the things you used to do at first, like use the phone, or going on the computer.

I would have been smoking up a storm writing this. It was so insidious.

It helped me by acknowledging that Nicotine is a drug worse than the big H. It can kill you!

I never heard of anyone dying from quitting smoking!

We are smoke free now for five months. We buried our dog. Bought a house and are waiting for the closing.

We have gotten on each other’s nerves big- time. What can I say, we just didn’t pick up.

I believe it is over for us now. I enjoy being able to breathe.

There is no excuse not to quit since we have the patch available. It is not harmful if you do it right. I did not even do what they said to do, and it worked.

Check with your doctor if you are on other medication.

I realized afterwards that it was a decision we made.

What will you decide?

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