Planning a hiking vacation: Colorado

Hiking in Colorado is an excellent sport and can also be an adventure. But, if one is unprepared for this adventure, it can be torture.

Deciding to hike in Colorado can be one of the most adventorous trips that you decide to take this summer. The Rocky Mountains are known for a variety of high peaked mountains that are used for excellent hiking and camping ground. However, if not prepared for the hike, it can be treacherous and leave you wanting to go home.

Essential Items You will Need

When taking a hiking trip, you should try to be comfortable and also try to pack lightly. To start, you will need to have a hiking bag. This should hold a sleeping bag, tent, as well as your food and personal items. Make sure that the shoulder straps have thick padding and that the pack is comfortable around your waist.

Planning a hiking vacation: Colorado

The most important thing to remember when packing your items is that Colorado Mountains have unpredictable weather. At one moment, it may be 90 degrees outside, and at the next it could be raining or even snowing. The best thing to do is to come prepared for anything. If you don’t have a sleeping bag, get one that is down insulated. These are harder to find and maybe a little more expensive, but they keep you warm in anything. Your tent, if you are camping out, should have good insulation as well.

Your clothing should be varied because of the weather. A pair or two of summer clothing, such as shorts and tank tops are good to pack, but also remember to bring a well insulated coat, socks, and of course, good hiking boots. Just in case you run into the water, bringing a pair of extra clothing is also a good idea.

Food that Keeps You Going

This food is of course, for snacking while you are hiking. Protein, among other nutrients, will help sustain your energy. Also remember to bring a fairly large canteen of water. If you are planning on getting water out of rivers, bring along purifying tablets or boil the water before you drink it.

1. Beef Jerky
2. Energy/Granola Bars
3. Any kind of fruit
4. Hard candy (sustains hydration but sugar makes loose energy faster)
5. Trail Mix (Dry fruit and nuts)

Of course, if you run out of energy and have already eaten your supply of food, or don’t have enough to drink, sucking on pine needles is supposed to help sustain energy and hydrate as well.

Safety Items to Pack

1. Sunscreen (It is very easy to get sun burned in the mountains. Apply sunscreen frequently)
2. First Aid Kit or band aids
3. Flashlight
4. Matches
5. A friend – Always let someone know where you are going to be
6. Map (Always stay on marked trails)
7. Pocket Knife

It is best to start heading for the mountains in late June through late August. Before or after this, you will probably be hiking in snow or cold weather. When you prepare correctly, hiking can be not only a good workout, but also an adventure for you and your friends.

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