Pet health: Simple home remedies that stop bad dog breath

Bad dog breath home remedies

Does your pooch pack a powerful punch when he puckers up? Has the odor of puppy breath changed from awwww to ewwww as your dog has aged? If so, there’s still hope for your pet.

Proper dental care for your pet is essential. You and I wake each day and brush our teeth, cleaning food particles from our teeth to ensure pleasant breath during the day. Our pets don’t have that luxury so they are forced to rely on our help.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria that builds up in the mouth. Food particles stick between the teeth and can be the leading cause of teeth and gum decay as your pet ages. There are some simple remedies for bad breath in your canine.

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Pet health: Simple home remedies that stop bad dog breath

One simple way to combat tooth decay in your pet is to brush their teeth. Many pet stores sell special toothbrushes and tooth paste designed especially for your pet. If these are too costly for you, an inexpensive human toothbrush will do the trick. Start when your pet is young so that he or she will get used to having his teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Dip the toothbrush in lukewarm water and brush the teeth thoroughly, as though you would a young child. Clean close to the gum line and don’t forget to brush the inside and outside of back teeth. Offer your pet a treat after each cleaning so that he or she will relate teeth cleaning to pleasant experiences.

Another way to clean the plaque from your dog’s teeth is to offer chew bones and treats that are specially created for this purpose. Pet stores sell special bones and other items that are specially formulated to create friction against the teeth, thereby removing plaque and food particles from the teeth. Be sure to choose items that your veterinarian recommends. Some items made from animal hide can cause your pet to choke or can cause other health problems.

Yet another way to ensure healthy teeth and gums is to offer your dog dry dog food instead of canned or pouched food. Dry dog food has an abrasive quality that is healthier for your pet’s teeth. If you have a finicky eater who prefers the flavor of canned food, be sure to mix a little dry food in with the wet so that he or she will get at least some of the benefit of dry food.

When all else fails, contact your veterinarian. Many veterinarians now have dental veterinary technicians on staff who specialize in dental care. Your pet, under general anesthesia, can have his or her teeth cleaned just as you or I would. Many veterinarians offer discounts to clients who put their pets on regular teeth cleaning schedules.

With a little planning, brushing, prevention and maybe a veterinary visit or two, your pet can smooch again with the best of them. The sweetest pet can once gain have the sweetest smelling mouth and you can go from ewwww to awwww in now time.

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