Natural Ways to Get Rid of Freckles

Information and advice on the many natural products you can make and use to fade freckles and return your complexion to the creamy skin you dream of.
Every woman wants perfect, evenly toned skin; we wash, scrub, moisturize and conceal to achieve a creamy complexion. Still, for many of us, our best efforts are thwarted by the appearance of freckles. Most common in people with fair skin that burns easily, blue or green eyes, and blonde or red hair, freckles are brown or black spots that dapple sun-exposed areas of the body (face, forearms, chest, shoulders). Like tanning, they are the skin’s response to the burning that UV rays cause. If you go outside, your skin will release melanin in an effort to protect the lower layers, called the dermis, from being damaged. Irregular distribution of melanin causes tanned spots called ephelides, known commonly as freckles.

So now that you know what they are, you are probably wondering how to get rid of them. For those already dealing with freckles, my first bit of advice is probably not what you want to hear. The best way to get rid of freckles is to avoid getting them to begin with. As I said earlier, your body produces melanin in response to sunlight’s damaging advances.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Freckles

You have no control over the way that melanin appears whether it be an even tan or scattered spots of pigment, but you can control what the sun does to you. This means never being outside — even on an overcast day — without wearing sunscreen. Remember that although freckles are harmless, the skin types that are susceptible to them are also at increased risk for serious and even deadly forms of skin cancer like melanoma. Prolonged UV ray exposure also causes premature aging and can damage any exposed body parts, including eyes and hair. If your goal is to stay young and beautiful, do not sabotage your efforts by subjecting yourself to sun damage. Wear the strongest sunscreen you can find, as a higher SPF (sun protection factor) means less chance of damage. Over time, if you protect your skin you will find those bothersome spots fading naturally.

Still, if you want to do something about those post-vacation freckles covering your porcelain face, some help may be available. There are a few natural products reputed to have a mild bleaching effect on the skin, thus making them effective in fading freckles. Just remember that these products do not know where your freckles are; applying them to your whole face will lighten your whole face, potentially making ephelides even more obtrusive. If possible, use a cotton swab so that only the desired areas will receive the lightening. Also, keep in mind that the results will be minimal if you use these remedies. Do not expect a miracle or you are sure to be disappointed. But, with the expectations set, the following are said to fade freckles to some degree: Buttermilk, lemon juice, rose hips, parsley, strawberries, cucumbers, lime flowers, elder flowers, and lady’s mantle.
Buttermilk is ideal for all skin types and supposedly works because its lactic acid helps skin regenerate. Upper layers of the epidermis will shed and lighter layers beneath will emerge. All the fruits and vegetables can be juiced or pureed and then applied to freckles. Their advocates say that their high vitamin C content makes them effective in bleaching the skin.

You can try adding the liquid form of any of these foods, but the most acclaimed freckle remedy is lemon juice. It is the ultimate bleach alternative, lightening hair, removing all sorts of stains, and yes, even dimming the darkness of freckles. Lemon juice is packed with vitamin C and citric acid, making it great for removing excess oil from the skin as well as fading freckles. If you have oily skin, mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey (a natural moisturizer) to your spots and watch them fade — if only a bit. If you have dry skin, you can still use lemon juice on your face. Just remember to moisturize well afterwards because its astringent qualities could result in uncomfortable dryness.

If you look even casually, you will find that there are medical procedures offering to remove your freckles. Chemical peels, laser removal, and alpha-hydroxy treatments promise dramatic results. However, they are expensive and are not covered by insurance. Also, some options are painful with slow recovery time and the potential of scarring. Do yourself a favor, ivory-skinned ladies of the world, and practice this bit of prevention. Protect your skin from the sun, and you will not have worry about getting rid of freckles.

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