Nail tips: Learn what causes nail ridges and how to treat them immediately

Fixing fingernail ridges

There are several different reasons why people develop nail ridges, as well as several different ways to treat or “fix” nails ridges. Nail ridges are most likely to develop in either horizontal or vertical lines. They can be very shallow and barely noticeable or very deep and obvious. Discolored or flaking nails can be a sign of infection or fungus. You should see a doctor if you notice these symptoms.

Some of the reasons why nail ridges develop include stress and poor nutrition. If you suspect stress or poor nutrition, see your doctor, as he or she may be able to help you find a nutritional solution to your nail ridges.

Nail tips: Learn what causes nail ridges and how to treat them immediately

Nail ridges can be fixed easily. Many people choose to have acrylic nails professionally applied in order to cover up their nail ridges, and while this method does quickly fix the problem, it is not a permanent fix to nail ridges and will likely make the ridges much worse. A simple solution to nail ridges, although it may not be permanent, is buffing away the ridges.

In order to immediately remove ridges from the nail, purchase a four-sided nail buffer from your local beauty supply store or purchase one online. These buffers feature four sides, each with a different texture. Each of the sides buffs the nail to a certain extent, leaving behind a smooth, shiny nail after buffing. These buffers should include instructions, specifically noting which sides to use and in which order. Generally, the buffing sides are rubbed over the entire surface of the nail, from the cuticle bed to the tip. When using a nail buffer, however, ridges may grow back when the nail grows back, and there may be an extra curved ridge that grows from the nail bed out. This is because buffing thins the nails and the layer of nail growing out is thicker, so there will be a discrepancy between new nail and buffed nail.

Kits can also be purchased to fix nail ridges. These kits come with electric-powered or battery-powered buffing wands. These wands have an end with a texture similar to an emery board, which buffs down the nails. These kits can be dangerous if they are not used properly, however. Too much buffing of the nails can make them thin and cause even more ridges when they grow back. Make sure to read the instructions that come along with these kits, or see a professional manicurist.

In order to prevent nail ridges in your future, follow these tips:

Eat well! A balanced diet, full of the recommended vitamins and minerals, is a good way to prevent nail ridges from ever appearing. Talk to your doctor or to a nutritionist so that you can determine what sort of diet you should be following.

Protect your nails! Many cosmetic companies sell nail strengtheners and polishes that nourish the nail. You may want to invest in a bottle. Also, be sure to moisturize your hands frequently, and wear mittens outside when the weather is cold. Keep the skin around your nails moisturized will help to eliminate nail ridges.

Don’t bite your nails. Biting your nails can cause ridges to form from the top of the nail. Also, don’t pick at the cuticle bed of your nails. Damage to this area is sure to cause nail ridges when the nail grows.

Wear rubber gloves. Putting your hands in water for long periods of time can cause damage to your nails, making them weaker and more prone to ridges and further damage. Use a gentle soap when washing your hands or the dishes and use lotion when your hands are out of the water. Try wearing plastic or rubber gloves if you intend to have your hands in the water.

Use an emery board instead of a metal nail filer, as metal nail filers are harsh on the nail surface and could cause damage instead of shaping the nail.

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