Makeup tips: How and when to apply sparkle, glitter or shimmer products

When to wear glitter, to get the look you want.

Glitter is a powerful makeup choice and should be used to enhance and highlight your physical assets. Apply glitter to exposed skin and just underneath your clothing or hairline. Continuing the glitter area from seen to unseen will enhance the illusion. People who notice you must imagine that glitter is part of your natural aura.

Always keep in mind that glitter is inexpensive. Under bright, artificial light, glitter stands out as little squares of shiny paper held on to a surface with glue, gel or lotion. No one should notice that glitter is really little squares of paper. People should only see the sparkle and wonder about the source. Glitter should not be obvious. Glitter should be spread lightly, hinting at the wonderful mysteries within the wearer.

Eye makeup advice for small eyes Makeup tips: How and when to apply sparkle, glitter or shimmer products

Makeup tips: How and when to apply sparkle, glitter or shimmer products

Glitter is most effective when worn in dim light or shadow. Dim light provides a perfect environment for magic and illusion. Most evening recreational activities are very appropriate occasions for glitter. Dance clubs, dimly lit romantic restaurants, evening street festivals and concerts are just some events where body glitter can be an extremely effective makeup tool. When you want to be enchanting and attract faint smiles from your date, friends and strangers, wear glitter.

Glitter is only powerful when worn during the right circumstances. Glitter creates the illusion of enchantment. Enchantment is not always an appropriate impression. An enchantress beguiles often with magic and spells, blurring the lines of reality and fantasy and inviting people to trust their senses. In most offices, glitter does not have this impact. Instead it looks as unprofessional as a low cut cocktail dress or six inch spike heels with fish net stockings. No one wants to see a chest full of glitter leaning over last month’s sales report. Unless you work in theatre, or in a fantasy-focused industry, select a different impression when dressing for work.

Also skip the glitter at breakfast. Most people will think you failed to shower off the gunk from the previous evening. Instead of being enchanting, you’ll appear hung over and messy. The next time you wear glitter, the illusion of magic will be less powerful. In the morning, body glitter seldom makes the wearer shine.

Glitter can be appropriate during daylight hours when you want to appear light hearted and whimsical and add a little sparkle to your sex appeal. Glitter may be an asset at an afternoon beach or pool party, if you apply it lightly and consider how it looks with your outfit in the naked daylight. If you are going with a group of girls to an amusement park or mall, and you all decide to wear glitter to show your connection and friendship, this occasion is also appropriate. Just be aware of how the glitter works with your outfit. Avoid a heavy coating or you’ll look like a Christmas tree ornament.

Glitter invites the senses to imagine magic and remember fairy tails. While believing in fairies and magic are fine on your own time, enchantment, like everything else, comes with responsibility. Time of day and occasion should always be considered when you plan to wear glitter.

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