Interior design: Southwestern home decorating ideas and tips

Southwestern design home decorating ideas and tips.

Southwest decorating is an up and coming style in homes all over the country. What is southwestern décor? It is a range of designs with two things in common; color and pattern. If you are more conservative, you may lean more towards the popular earth tones and classic diamond shape patterns, or no patterns at all. The more adventurous you are, the more colors and variety of patterns you will use.

Many people draw inspiration from Mexican and Native American cultures, or even from the cowboy way of life! These cultures are full of fun and interesting pieces that can bring life to even the simplest of rooms. There are many stores around the country that carry such things as artwork, baskets, blankets, pillows, floor coverings and much more. There is a lot out there and putting it all together is the fun part.

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Southwestern home decorating ideas and tips

For a living room you may want to start with neutral brown tones on the walls. Have your furniture in deeper tones of brown, or even another neutral earth tone like burgundy. A popular look for southwestern rooms is to have rustic furniture. You can find a big wooden trunk and use it as a coffee table. Smaller rustic trunks and boxes may also be used as end tables. Don’t be afraid to bang them up a little either. The more beat up, the more rustic it will look. You achieve this by using hammers, chains, and even rocks to get the look you are going for. In southwest rooms, each piece is unique.

Once you have the furniture taken care of, it is time to accessorize. You can add punches of bright color, like purple or turquoise, for fun or keep the atmosphere soothing, continuing with more earthy tones like deep green or even white, black, or charcoal. Most southwest patterns you can include in your accessories are stripes or diamond shapes. They can be very geometrically intricate, so you have to decide how adventurous you are going to be. You can even carry the pattern onto the walls when you paint depending on how many colors you want to use. The colors and patterns play off of each other to create the whole look. Throw an interesting rug down like a big Mexican blanket or even a cow hide. Set clay pitchers or pots on your rustic tables. Even candles in iron holders will add some charm. Hang up interesting art work remembering to keep with the theme of the room. Try to keep in mind that there are different themes within this style of decorating. Keep it simple. Attempting to combine themes can sometimes look cluttered.

Carry these ideas into other areas of the home, or onto the patio outside. Even if your home is modern, you can add a southwest touch by finding artistic black and white photographs of desert flowers. Don’t limit yourself to hanging up a bronze coyote wearing a bandana. The sky is the limit of what you can do with any space you are going to redecorate. If you take some of these basic ideas, you can’t go wrong.

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