Interior design: Easy home decorating touches you can do in a weekend

Chic, clean and effortlessly yours in a weekend, with easy home decorating ideas.
You just bought your dream house. Now all you need to do is make it yours – chic, clean and effortlessly yours in a weekend. Here are the top decorating touches you can do to make your new home all yours, fast.

Color your Walls

So, you’re thinking this is simple; we’ll paint all of our walls white. Wrong. Adding a little color to your walls not only lifts spirits, but this can actually make your space appear larger. Painting each room with the same tone and keeping it throughout the house actually creates the illusion of a run-on space that flows, as opposed to painting them in different colors. That can make your home seem smaller and choppier. Bold hues like ravishing reds, peaches and corals can be romantic and are great conversation starters, yellows unleash your creativity, light greens are calming, and beige tones and browns are great for neutral territories. Don’t be intimidated by trying something different. See what colors can do for you.

Easy home decorating touches you can do in a weekend

Make it Your Style

Nothing is more satisfying than coming home from a long day at work to find that you are still inspired at the home front. Are you a Picasso aficionado? Do you have a beautiful vintage chair? A marble TV stand? It’s important to build your room around one piece, whether it’s a painting, a chair or a table (something mentioned above perhaps). This doesn’t have to break the bank. Unleash your creativity and design your room around your favorite Picasso. May I suggest the Dora Maar, November 1937 (a replica would be smashing). It would look astonishing with your rich red walls.

Get Clutter-Free

I can’t think of anything more appalling than useless papers and knickknacks (a.k.a. things you can live without) piling up around your new home. No matter how nice your furniture is, or how much those bookshelves cost you, it just won’t look as good with papers covering it. First thing’s first. Get organized by getting rid of anything you no longer need, then buy containers to place your important documents and get it out of sight. No one wants to see a bunch of clutter, nor your new plastic containers you bought to hide it in. Make the most of your condo space, with limited closets and no basement, by getting organized and clutter-free.

Accessorize your home

As one would accessorize in the fashion world, with the latest handbag or new piece of eye-catching jewelry, you would do the same with your home. This also helps create your very own style. Add plush pillows to your plain black leather couch and beautiful handcrafted vases with real flowers to your table (ok, fake is fine too as long as they don’t look it). These subtle touches add a little bit of you to your home and help fill in the gaps of every me-too condo on the block.

Building your dream condo, apartment or home is easy with a little know how. A little cash, creativity and some family teamwork can help turn your drab space to fab, whether you paint, get clutter-free or design your entire room around your favorite painting.

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