Interior design: Create a Middle Eastern Inspired Dining Room

Middle Easten Decor brings together elements from many contries. Here are some ideas for creating a Middle East inspired dining room.

The Middle East region originally encompassed a huge land mass and is dated back to ancient times. Its origins are found in 10,000 BC where farming first developed the area of land arching from the Persian Gulf, the Tigris and Euphrates River in Iraq, through the eastern coast of the Mediterranean into Egypt. Because of this, you will find elements from many cultures represented in Middle East décor. Many of these elements come from Persia, Egypt and Asia. If you observe carefully, you will find Middle Eastern influences in American design by way of Roman and Greek influences as well.

The dining room is a great place to bring Middle Eastern style and culture into your home. Here are some ideas you can use:

Interior design

Furniture: Tables with Middle Eastern influences are large, dark and ornate. To re-create such a dining room table in your home, purchase an antique imported carved door and add legs and a glass top. Another common translation of a Middle Eastern table is to purchase an old iron fence, build a frame and legs for it and top it with glass. Look for on octagonal, round or star-shaped pieces from which to make your table. You can further embellish your table with gold details.

Chairs found in the Middle East are both beautiful and functional. They feature inlaid details also found in the orient. Look for traditional chairs for your room with Asian patterns and carving. You may want to purchase some neutral understated chairs as well as highly decorated chairs. This will prevent the room from becoming too busy. Instead of chairs, you can also purchase benches. It is OK to mix and match seating in this style.

For side tables and buffet tables look for ornate furniture in-laid with mosaic-like designs featuring bone, ivory, mother of pearl and woods of various colors. Over such pieces, hang large orate mirrors.

Fabric and textiles: You can find distinctive table cloths imported from Syria to use as table coverings and wall hangings. You will find fabric decorated with embroidery in many colors. The tradition and knowledge of making these items has been guarded passed form mother to daughter for centuries. You will surely want such an authentic item in you Middle Eastern styled dining room. Today, these highly demanded cloths are machine made. To find such an item on the internet, search using the key word “Aghabani”. This is the traditional name for these tablecloths.

Table wear: China for your dining room can include Egyptian influenced pottery, as well as Chinese porcelain. The colors can range from bright cobalt blue to white with gold and blue details.

Walls: To capture the atmosphere of a Middle Eastern Dining room, you should faux paint the walls of the rooms using Venetian plaster, or with the look of Venetian plaster. You can then make a border using the Middle Eastern symbols or Koranic Script.

LIGHTING: To light the room you can use large ornamental chandeliers from China or a series of silk covered pendants from Morocco.

If possible, add a fireplace to the room to provide an authentic atmosphere, heat and ambiance. If you cannot install a fireplace, use large pillar candles instead.

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