Information on birth order: Does where we stand in regards to our siblings has a strong impact on how we grow and develop?

Does birth order determine what mate you’ll be compatible with?

Ever wonder why first borns often marry the baby of the family or why middle children frequently seek out one another? It’s not coincidence; it is birth order and it really does have an affect on who we date and who we are compatible with. The term birth order refers to when we were born in relation to our brothers and sisters. Researchers and psychiatrists think that where we stand in regards to our siblings has a strong impact on how we grow and develop.

The characteristics of first borns, middle children, and babies are all very unique and often contribute to the way we interact with others. While first borns are frequently known to be responsible, conscientious, structured, serious, and traditional, last borns are characteristically outgoing, personable, and even at times absent minded. One reason why first borns and last borns are compatible is because the first born encompasses the ability to maintain control and composure in difficult situations and the capacity to be taken seriously, while the youngest child possess the ability to be carefree and affectionate while also sometimes acting a little spoiled or impatient. In these situations, first borns can keep last borns grounded and rational while last borns can lighten things up for first borns and make life more enjoyable.

Does birth order determine what mate you'll be compatible with

Middle children and only children also have specific birth order traits that contribute to who they are compatible with and who they might choose as a mate. Middle children are known to get the best of both worlds; some characteristics of an older child and some of a younger child. However, this can lead to confusion and frustration in many cases. Middle children that exhibit traits of an older sibling usually match well with middle children that demonstrate traits of a younger sibling or a youngest child, while middle children that are on the younger side often seek out first borns or middle children that act older and more responsible.
In regards to birth order, only children are the trickiest to categorize as far as mating is concerned. Only children often posses the spoiled and impatient characteristics of a last born, without the daring and fun loving attitudes that gives them balance. Middle children are frequently treated like grown ups because they are always surrounded by grown ups. Therefore, they may desire a mate that can liven things up, like a last born. However, they may also have been pampered, being the only child, and long for a mate that will take care and nurture them, like a first born.

While birth order does have an affect on who we choose as a mate, it should not be the end all decision that we come to when selecting who we are compatible with. Birth order can also be altered by specific situations. This could ultimately lead to a first born acting like a middle child, a last born acting like a first born, or an only child acting like a first born. Our place in our families is important no matter which position we hold in birth order and our mate’s place in his or her family is just as important. People come together for many reasons. However, it has been proven that one of these reasons is birth order.

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