Indoor gardening: Identifying house plants

Information on the identification of house plants.

Houseplants are very popular as they can be grown inside the home all the time or perhaps brought inside for the winter months. There are many varieties to choose from and below I will identify several forms. This may provide you with general knowledge to choose the perfect houseplants for your home.

Indoor gardening: Identifying house plants

Aloe plants are very attractive, have unusual foliage, and long spikes of yellow and orange flowers.

Aralia has finely-cut, metallic leaves.

Ardisia crenulate has small, deep pink flowers early in the summer. These flowers start out being yellow then turn red. The plant is a tree-like little plant with shiny leaves.

Arrowroot has ornamental leaves.

Arrowhead Vine has pointed leaves that stand out from the butt of the plant. It is a trailing soft vine.

Astilbe has delicate plumes of soft pink or white flowers.

Azalea has bell-shaped flowers formed by the joining of petals.

Begonia has rounded metallic-colored leaves, creeping stalks and many beautiful colors of flowers.

Broom is like the Azalea as it forms buds for the following year immediately after flowing, is evergreen and small plants give a lot of flowers.

Cactuses are in many varieties, leafless, having various coverings and the flowers are distinctive in contrast to the coverings.

Christmas’ cactus has been arching. Jointed leaves with deep pink hanging flowers.

Calla Lilies are long blooming.

Clive (Kafir Lily is an evergreen with arching leaves and long-lasting, orange-red umbels of flowers.

Coleuses have variously colored foliage.

Crown of Thorns is much like the Poinsettia, has bristling stems, small, light green leaves and scarlet flowers will appear in clusters.

Ferns contain many varieties such as the Maidenhair, Holly, Haresfoot and Cibotium. The Maidenhair has delicate fern-like leaves

Fittonia has beautifully-colored leaves on trailing vines.

Flamingo Flower is related to the Calla Lily, has arching, graceful leaves with scarlet and deep pink flowers. The blooms will last two to three months.

Friendship or Jade has fleshy leaves with delicate, starry white flowers tinged with pink.

Flowering Maple has leaves somewhat like the Japanese Maple. The bell-shaped hanging flowers come in colors of red, yellow, white, pink and striped.

Geraniums have crisp, shiny and bright green leaves with plentiful flowers that remain in bloom throughout the winter. The leaves are bright green with abundant flowers.

Grape Ivy has reddish tints in the leaves.

Hydrangeas bloom in many colors, pure white, deep red, light blue. The flowers are large and handsome.

Iron Plant has broad, dark green leaves.

Ivy has various size leaves depending on the variety such as the Pothos and Wandering Jew.

Jasmines have long, slender stems that need training, leaves are Fern-like. Flowers are very fragrant.

Cylink has very thick green attractive leaves with bright pink flowers.

Lantana is a hardwood shrub with aromatic leaves and small bunches of flowers in colors: red, orange, lavender, yellow and white.

Leadwort is a climbing plant with clusters of pale blue flowers that are borne close to the stem.

Marguerites are sometimes called Paris Daisies, have yellow or white flowers with soft, grey leaves.

Norfolk Island Pine has admirable foliage with symmetrical Evergreen needles.

Orange is a tree that can be grown as a house plant, bears fruit, has small yellow balls that are very attractive and make good foliage plants.

Oxalis – small bulbs with Clover-like foliage. The blooms are clear yellow, white, pink and lavender.

Patience has white, magenta, pale and coral pink bloom varieties and some have variegated leaves.

Peperomia has bright green leaves.

Redwodo Burls has fern-like sprouts that break thought the bark.

Rubber Plants have enormous, bright green leaves.

Shrimp plant is very showy with small white flowers that grow out from pinkish-brown bracts.

Succulents have frosty-looking foliage.

Sweet Oliver is an evergreen plant with inconspicuous flowers of delicious fragrance.

Toadcup Lily is an Iris-like plant, has fan-shaped, sword-like leaves that are pale green. The flowers are very fragile in soft grey or bluish white.

Wax Plant is an evergreen with waxy leaves. The flowers bloom in a pinkish-white with brown centers.

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