How to start a window cleaning business

Starting your own window cleaning business can be inexpensive, rewarding and help you bring home a sizeable paycheck.

Low start-up costs are not the only advantage of starting your own window cleaning business. With corporate downsizing and the average busy schedules people hold, window washing is something people just do not have time for. This means almost everyone is a potential customer whether residential or commercial and you can receive repeat business from the places you service.

Although window washing is a simple task, there are skills and traits you will need to beat your competition. If you are seriously considering opening a window cleaning business you should have the following skills.

How to start a window cleaning business

1. You will need to have excellent people skills in order to get business. You will be dealing with customers on a regular basis to answer questions, set up cleaning schedules and give quotes. Customer satisfaction is one of the main factors in landing your accounts.
2. You must be able to perform the work. Window washing for many large commercial buildings is hard work. You will need to be physically able to work in all kinds of conditions.

3. You should have an excellent understanding of safety factors for yourself and the customers you are servicing. You may be using ladders or working from heights and will need to take all types of safety precautions.

4. You will need to plan on being insured and bonded. Many businesses and companies will not work with you unless you have this type of insurance. It is relatively inexpensive to become bonded and you can purchase this type of insurance from your local insurance company.

5. You must be able to obtain the necessary licenses from your city to open your business. Check with your state government and local government to learn more about the requirements for your area.

6. You should plan on providing your clients with the superior service they are looking for. You should always be able to outperform your competition.

If you have these talents than you can move on to the next step of opening your own window washing service: equipment. Without having the proper equipment, you will not be able to compete with others in this field. You should start simple at first, only purchasing equipment that will allow you to clean one or two story buildings.

1. Large squeegees

2. Buckets

3. Lint free towels

4. Cleaning chemicals

5. Sturdy Ladder

All of these items can be purchased from specialty cleaning supply companies or possibly from your local hardware store. Make sure to research pricing on products from several different places in order to get the best price as you will need to replenish and replace your equipment frequently.

There are a number of inexpensive ways to get business for your new window washing business. Advertising is what gets your name out. Without it your customers will not know who you are or what you do and will most likely not request your services. These are some of the most cost effective ways to advertise your new business.

1. Business cards – This is probably the most important advertising tool you will have. Potential clients and repeat customers will need a way to contact you when they are need of services. Well designed business cards are one of the best friends you will have for your business. You can design your own cards or have someone at a print shop design them for you.

2. Newspaper advertisements – An ad placed strategically in your local newspaper can bring you tons of business. If you have a flair for creative writing, you can draft your own service advertisement. The newspaper staff is also very helpful when it comes to helping with these ads. They will usually assist you in designing an ad for free. These advertisements can range anywhere between $20 and up depending on the size and content you want. You may also choose to place an ad in the classified section of newspaper. Most newspapers carry a classified section for services.

3. Flyers – Eye catching flyers that describe your services and pricing should be kept simple but attract the attention of your potential customer. They are inexpensive and can be passed out to everyone in the area you wish to service. You can even include coupons or package deals on your flyers to help you get new business.

4. Friends and family – These are the people that begin to spread news about your new business first. You may also be able to provide your services to them. Word of mouth is an important factor from these people as they are usually very supportive and want to see you exceed in your venture.

Other factors to consider before opening your business are pricing and service contracts. You will need to ensure that your pricing for services is fair and within the market of the competition in your area. Under pricing will not put money in your pocket and overpricing will not bring you the business you are looking for. If you will be servicing businesses in a large city, you will most likely be able to charge more than someone serving a small town. Service contracts or service agreements are the documents that contain the specifics of the services you provide, payment terms and other important factors. Although some window cleaning services operate on a verbal agreement system with the customer being invoiced when the work is complete, it is recommended that you have a written contract or agreement for legal or liability purposes.

Following these simple guidelines and with your persistence you will have an edge against the competition in the window cleaning business. Good Luck!

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