How to Create a Personal Mission Statement

Your heart and your potential are the two most important things that can guide you to create the perfect mission statement.

As kids we have dreams and hopes about what we want to do when we grow up. We engage in games and we play the role of the person we want to become later in life. We dream about what we whish to accomplish and then we study so we can open up ways to fulfill our dreams. But most of the times, somewhere along the way, under the pressure of society and the struggles of life our priorities change. We are so taken by daily demands that we forget what really makes a difference in our life and what makes us happy.

A personal mission statement is meant to bring back to the surface the things that are really important to us so we can make better time-management decisions. Occasionally we make choices that we aren’t very happy with.

How to Create a Personal Mission Statement

Our lives become boring and we can’t wait for the day to come to an end. Life is too short. We can’t afford to waste our time doing things we don’t like and don’t want to do.There is no particular age that is perfect for writing a personal statement. It can be done at any time. The key thing once we write the statement is to make a decision to stick to it and check it every time a serious choice needs to be made: before we opt for a certain education, before we start a career, before we begin a relationship or we get married etc. The mission statement enables us to chart a new course when we are at a crossroads.

Since we often tend to overlook what we think, it is very important that a mission statement is not only a mind note, but also a written one. Writing a personal mission statement offers not just the opportunity to establish what’s significant in our life but also the chance to see how much we have fulfilled and what else remains to be done in order for us to reach our goals.Making a personal statement involves a lot of reflection and strategic planning. Since our desires are in continuous evolution the statement constantly needs to be evaluated and updated. Our expectations must be reasonable and based as much on our wishes as on our potential.

There are three questions a personal mission statement should definitely address:

  1. What do I want to do in my life?
  2. What do I stand for?
  3. What action am I taking to do what I want to do in life, while abiding what I stand for?

In order to answer these questions we must discover our special gifts and try to use them as our propellers. We must attempt to follow our dreams and determine what “moves us”, what makes us feel alive and brings passion into our hearts. We must seek to understand what gives meaning to our life and what makes us great. There’s nothing more worthless than an unlived life. We must recognize what brings us sorrow. We must envision a plan of action and pursue it in every step.

In defining the steps for a functional and constructive mission statement we should concentrate on these main issues:

  1. The things we want to accomplish.
  2. The personal talents and qualities that could help us get there.
  3. The ways we could improve our chances of fulfilling our dreams and of becoming what we wish to become.
  4. The things that matter to us the most; things such as family and friends. This will help us keep our priorities straight whether we fail or succeed.
  5. The things that we would want our friends and family to say and think about us.
  6. The things that would give us a sense of achievement or spiritual fulfillment.
  7. The things that would make our existence valuable, meaningful.

Some people prepare a one-sentence mission/vision or a philosophy statement by and they try to live by that. It is important that all the effort goes into making the mission statement. This should be our guide in life. If we look deep in our hearts and keep in mind our limitations we can build a great mission statement, one that can help keep us on the path we wish to pursue.

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