How to choose a hair removal method that works for you?

Millions of hair removal procedures are carried out daily across the world. Some people prefer to use home hair removal kits, while others go to salons where experiences technicians offer tons of different ways of removing unwanted hair growth. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the most popular techniques for removing body hair.


Waxing is one of the most popular procedures today. It can be carried out at home or by going to a beauty salon. There are several types of wax used to remove hair and the treatment can be done using hot or cold wax.

The pros of waxing are: fast and efficient, inexpensive, last for about 4 weeks.

Cons of waxing include redness, skin irritation or even infection (rare), some people find waxing to be painful and the procedure must be repeated once a month.


Laser hair removal is becoming more popular every day. The treatment uses concentrated light to penetrate through the skin and into hair follicles, thus killing the root. Unfortunately, this hair removal method can’t be used on dark skin or light hair.

Pros of laser hair removal: fast, painless, very precise, results can become permanent after many treatments.

Cons of using laser to remove hair: expensive, doesn’t work on dark skin/light hair.


Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal technique, though permanent results can’t be guaranteed. The method works by inserting tiny probes into hair follicles and killing the roots. It’s relatively fast, but only when performed by an experienced technician.

Electrolysis requires multiple treatments and hair loss can sometimes be permanent, though in most cases it produces permanent hair reduction (which means that you’ll see less hair growth in the future and the hair might also be thinner).

The main benefit of electrolysis for hair removal is that it can be used on both dark and light skin and hair. This means that the treatment is available to anyone looking to permanently get rid of unwanted hair growth.

Other methods

There are many innovative home-based hair removal kits sold these days, such as the no!no! hair removal kit. These new techniques claim to achieve permanent hair reduction – reducing future hair growth by up to 60% or more. Not all home hair removal kits work as advertised, so do some research before purchasing.

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