How many square feet in an acre?

Converting square feet and acre measurements.

Most real estate in the English-speaking world is sold and listed by the acre. This unit of measure is one that is not generally known off the top of most people’s heads, in fact, most people when asked would be hard pressed to list exactly what an acre really is.

The earliest record of “an acre” is even more complicated, because somewhere between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the definition of a “Cornish acre” was defined as 60 “English acres”. How the Duchy of Cornwall came to fathom this is unknown, but the “English acre” still persists to this day.

Biblically speaking, an acre was also called a yoke, and was the amount of land a yoked team of oxen could plow in one day.

While the most common “acre” is that used in England, the United States, Canada, and the territories associated with those countries is by far the most common, and the one which we are concerned about, there are even special other types of acres that are used in certain specific regions for agriculture.

By definition, an acre is 4840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet. Or, if you are counting, that’s also 522,720 square inches…

Now, you are probably thinking, who thought up 4840 square yards as the definition of an acre? Why not 4500 square yards? Or why not 5000 square yards?

Now, here’s where it gets more complicated. 640 acres compose a square mile. That would be a square that was 25.298 acres on each side.

Still confused?

So are most people, don’t feel bad.

So let’s say you have a piece of property you want to buy, and it’s listed as .73 acres. Now most people don’t have any way to fathom .73 acres, but they can visualize a square foot, and at least make a good guess or view of that in their head.

Take the number of acres and multiply it out in a calculator by 43,560.

So .73 acres is 31,798.8 square feet, round it off, you have about 32,000 square feet.

If you want to further simplify things, round it off to the nearest .1 of an acre, and use 40,000 for the feet value. While this might not give an exact value, it’s a quick estimate you won’t need a calculator for.

Here are a couple of standard values once converted exactly:

– 10 acres = 435,600 square feet

– 5 acres = 217,800 square feet

– 4 acres = 174,240 square feet

– 3 acres = 130,680 square feet

– 2 acres = 87,120 square feet

– 1 acre = 43,560 square feet

– .75 acres = 32,670 square feet

– .50 acres = 21,780 square feet

– .25 acres = 10,890 square feet

Here are a couple of standard values once converted approximately:

– 10 acres = 400,000 square feet

– 5 acres = 200,000 square feet

– 4 acres = 160,000 square feet

– 3 acres = 120,000 square feet

– 2 acres = 80,000 square feet

– 1 acre = 40,000 square feet

– .75 acres = 30,000 square feet

– .50 acres = 20,000 square feet

– .25 acres = 10,000 square feet

While the acre might not be a commonly known value, the term is thrown around in nearly any real estate listing. With a little simple math and a handy calculator, you can get a much better idea of just exactly what you are getting (or not getting in some cases).

The next time you see a warehouse for sale advertised at 2.5 acres of floor space, or a lot for sale that’s 1.7 acres, you can have a good idea (or an exact idea) of what is really there.

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