How Lifestyle, Enviroment And Diet Affect Your Skin

With advancements in technological products and make up artistry, skin care has become both a science and an art. You ought to develop an educated understanding of the many functions of the skin and the Way your lifestyle affects it.

What are the major causes of skin looking older?

  •  Sun
  •  Water moisture loss, not oil
  •  Heredity
  •  The Way in which we take care of our skin. For example, lifestyle habits.
  •  Dry winter conditions, ie. low humidity
  •  Enviromental pollutants and toxins

With advancements in technological products and make up artistry, skin care has become both a science and an art.

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How Lifestyle, Enviroment And Diet Affect Your Skin

Make up your mind to stop smoking! If you smoke, you will cause your skin to lose vitality and the potential of a smooth and attractive face. You won’t look nearly as good if you smoke. Your eyes will appear smaller…the deteriorative effects from carbon monoxide and nicotine cut off oxygen and much needed nutrients from the skin.

Also, your skin will wrinkle prematurely and you will suffer a deprived, pallid complexion over long term smoking.

To hydrate your skin and maintain a soft, moist, supple and clear appearance, drink six to eight glasses of pure water each day. You may need to buy a Brita water purifying system. It’s well worth it. Wrinkles are caused by loss of moisture in the skin. With hot weather and exercise, you will need more glasses of cool, fresh water. Coffee, alcohol, soda, tea and juice cannot be replaced for water. Water also works as an appetite suppressant and rids the body of waste.

Drinking wine or beer dehydrates the skin and hinders circulation, causing the skin to lose moisture and much needed nutrients, depriving the body of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are needed to keep a healthy complexion. Studies show that women are sensitive and are physically more vulnerable to alcohol than men.

Beauty Products:
The right beauty products are absolutely essential to good skin care. A good, quality skin care program begins with a cleanser, mask, toner and moisturizer. The effectiveness of a program is determined by the quality of ingredients used in the products and the quality of the products. Drying out, irritating or blocking pores could happen if you use second-rate products.

Proper Rest:
To balance our busy lives, we also need enough rest and sleep. Your skin will mirror a well-rested face and body smiling back at you with reinvigoration and refreshment from good rest and sleep.

Eating a diet full of variety that is rich in fresh, whole and natural foods, well proportioned in protein, fats and carbohydrates including five vegetables and fruits everyday is very highly recommended. Avoid added chemicals, adulteration and refinements. If you eat fresh foods, your face will show that!

When you do these things, you will begin to realize your potential and feel good in ways that will help you develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

The health and beauty of your complexion and lifestyle depend on you taking these necessary steps to good health!

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