How can you tell your pregnant: Pregnancy Symptoms

What are the earliest signs of pregnancy?
Early pregnancy symptoms can often be very confusing. You may see signs that lead you to believe you are pregnant when you are not, or you may easily miss signs that would indicate that you are in fact pregnant. Since the earliest days of pregnancy are so crucial for your baby’s development, it is very important that you understand and know how to recognize the early pregnancy symptoms correctly.

Considering that there are many various pregnancy symptoms, we have selected the most common to display here. We’ve also divided the symptoms into two groups, Early Pregnancy Symptoms, and Pregnancy Symptoms That You May Experience Throughout Pregnancy.

The early pregnancy symptoms will be the first that you may notice and are often confused for other illnesses. As the baby inside you grows and your body adapts to the changes, you will experience many other pregnancy symptoms, listed in the second table.

Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs When it occurs Other possible causes
Delay in menstruation During entire pregnancy Excessive weight gain or loss, fatigue, hormonal problems, stress, change of birth control
Nausea and vomiting 2-8 weeks after conception Food poisoning, stress, other stomach disorders
Sensitivity to taste and smell 2-8 weeks after conception Food poisoning, stress, other stomach disorders
Feeling tired and exhausted 1-6 weeks after conception Stress, fatigue, depression or other mental and physical strains
Darkening of areola 1-14 weeks after conception, first signs, then throughout pregnancy Hormonal imbalance
Dizziness 6-8 weeks after conception Low blood pressure, middle ear infection
Frequent urination 6-8 weeks after conception Diabetes, urinary infection, excessive intake of diuretics

Pregnancy Symptoms That You May Experience Throughout Pregnancy


Pregnancy Symptoms
When it can occur Causes Advice
Abdominal pain All stages Stretching of ligaments that support the uterus, or the enlarging of the uterus Antenatal classes and exercise. Resting on your left side with your legs curled up may also relieve the pain
Back pain Mainly 3rd Trimester Poor posture, or tiredness. Standing for long periods of time may also lead to back pain Be careful when lifting heavy objects, try to lift with your legs, and not your back. As much rest to help relieve the tension on your back, and exercise to strengthen back muscles
Breathlessness 3rd Trimester The enlarging uterus will place more pressure on your diaphragm and main veins which may reduce blood flow Avoid lying on your back for any long period of time, rather lie on your left side, or sit upright in bed. This may decrease in the last month, when the baby drops into the pelvis
Headaches All stages Hormonal changes in your body Should your headaches continue, call your health care provider
Insomnia 2nd and 3rd trimester Difficulty in finding the best position to get comfortable Try lying on your left side, with a pillow between your legs. Having a warm bath before bed may also help you to relax


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