Home remodeling: Choosing interior paint colors for a bedroom

Choosing interior paint colors for a bedroom does not have to be complicated. It is all about what setting you want to create.

Even though statistics show that we spend the highest percent of our life sleeping, more than any other activity, the room that seems to be cosmetically neglected is our bedroom. Now I know that percent is with our eyes closed but that number doesn’t include the time we are relaxing, spending quality time with our partner or just simply trying to fall asleep. Since this room is supposed to be for “getting away from it all” we are going to look at a few options of how to build the foundation of our “escape” plan- the paint colors.

There are so many colors available. How do I choose?

Choosing interior paint colors for a bedroom

I know all the colors out there are overwhelming but there is a simple way to wade through the majority of them. Go to your local paint store and take only samples of the different shades of your favorite colors. (Not the ones that are “most popular” at the moment or just ones featured in the newest decorator magazines – unless you honestly do love them.) The trick here is not to think about how they go together or if they’ll look good on the walls. Just choose whatever colors call to you. Remember this is not set in stone so go for it and grab that hot pink or neon green if it appeals to you.

I’m at home staring at all the paint swatches on my table- now what?

After collecting your favorite colors you have to decide what kind of mood you want to create in your bedroom. Do you need a place that is calming and peaceful or do you want to spice up your love life by doing something sensual and daring? Maybe you just want a setting that is playful and fun. Think hard about how you want to feel and what you want to convey.

Now comes the hard part. I want you to throw out any pre-conceived ideas you have about color. Even though the standard that green is calming, red is provocative, yellow is cheerful etc. can be a useful guide, it does not mean that it will work for you. What if you despise yellow? Will it make you “happy” to open your eyes to it every morning? The trick here is to look at the colors, really look at them, and decide which ones are right by your reaction to them. Does a certain color remind you of your grandma’s kitchen where you always felt secure and comforted as a child? Put that in the “calming” pile. How about that deep blue that matches your husband’s eyes so well that it sends shivers down your spine? Put that in your “spice” pile and so and so on.

I’ve chosen the way I want to go and have separated all the colors for it. How do I narrow them down to what I am going to actually use?

After figuring out what effect you want your bedroom to have on you and you chose the colors that best reflect those emotions, we move on to the most difficult part. By this stage a lot of people instinctively know what to use just by looking over the few choices left. The rest of us however, must think on it for a while. We can use the one color we react the strongest to or if at all possible integrate a few of our favorite choices. Remember, even if we use only one or two complimentary colors on the walls, we can always integrate others in our accents. (Think bedding, curtains, knickknacks etc.)

The color(s) I picked for my bedroom are nothing like the rest of my house. Is this okay?

The beauty of a bedroom is that it can be the total opposite of how we normally decorate. Our room can be a true reflection of who we are or it can be made into a fantasy world of who we wish to be. If you choose to share this side of you with others you can and if not, the door can always remain closed. When deciding on the color(s) of your bedroom, always keep in mind that, above all else this is your personal space.

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