Home remedies for nausea

Vomit stinks and an upset stomach is uncomfortable. However, both are natural ways for the body to get rid of noxious substances from the stomach and intestines. People should be encouraged to use the toilet as often as necessary, rather than ‘hold back’ the urge. Children should not be admonished or ridiculed when they vomit or discharge body fluid repeatedly or unintentionally. The body’s defense system will enable the condition to heal on it own, in most cases.

This is not to say that we should stand by and do nothing. Water and salt loss are the serious consequences of vomiting and stomach upset, and it should be replaced as quickly as possible. Start with a few sips of potable water after each visit to the toilet. Switch to a re-hydration solution if you find that the sips of water are held down. Take a liter (just under 2 pints) of clean water and add 8 teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt to it. Sipping this solution will hasten natural healing. Graduate to a watery but nutritious soup after a few hours and you should be well on the road to complete recovery. Motion as during a journey can cause nausea. Keeping the head still against a rest with the eyes fixed on a point on the horizon, will help.

Nausea and stomach upset are commonly caused by contaminated food and water. Such supplies should be quickly identified and quarantined and everyone who has consumed them should be observed and treated promptly on showing symptoms of the illness. Regulators and the person or firm that has produced the food and drink should be notified.

You may find that the patient is not able to keep any fluid down and that whatever is sipped is vomited out or passed out with fresh stool. You may also notice blood in the vomit or the stool. The patient may develop a fever. All these are signs that the patient can no longer be treated with simple home remedies and that he or she must be moved to a hospital or taken to a doctor. Prescription medicines and fluids through the veins may have to be administered by the doctor or at the hospital and the reasons for blood presence has always to be investigated.

Ginger, peppermint, cloves and lemon lead a long list of home remedies. They may take away the stench or just make the patient feel psychologically better, but their therapeutic value is not proven. This also applies to Homeopathic medicine. Nevertheless, medicines available over-the-counter in pharmacies may be tried until professionals arrive. The patient should be kept warm and comforted. Insecurity and fear can worsen matters. The effort of visiting a toilet or restroom at some distance can sap energy and it would help if basins and toilet seats can be kept next to or near the patient, with an attendant to help clean up afterwards. Do remember that all this is for the rare occasion when re-hydration does not work.

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