Home plumbing: How to get your wedding ring out of a kitchen sink

It happens faster than you realize – your wedding ring slips down the kitchen sink. Find out how you can get it back by reading this informative article!
It’s a common occurrence for a woman to take her wedding ring off when she is washing dishes or doing other work at the kitchen sink. After all, wedding rings are generally expensive, and grease and other foodstuff can get stuck in between the diamond stone and the prongs of the ring. Unfortunately, it’s also a common occurrence for the ring to end up stuck in the drain of the kitchen sink.

The first thing to do when you lose your ring is to make sure that no one runs water down sink drain. A blast of water can easily cause the ring to move on down through the sewer system or into your septic tank. If it gets that far, you might as well consider it gone forever, because retrieving it then is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

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Home plumbing: How to get your wedding ring out of a kitchen sink

There are several methods to get your wedding ring out of a kitchen sink, and here are the three most popular methods that you can choose the best method for your situation from:
Method 1

This is the easiest method to use to retrieve your wedding ring out of a kitchen sink if it didn’t go down too far, and if you have a device called a “clean out” on your drain pipe. In laymen’s terms, underneath most kitchen sinks, there is a straight length of drain pipe than runs down into a bent pipe. In the bend of the pipe, there is often a clean out. Items that fall down in the kitchen sink often stop at the bend as long as there is not an additional flow of water that dislodges the item and sends it on down through the sewer system.

Now, the clean out is located at the bottom of the bent pipe, and it opens up so you can retrieve lost items that are stuck in the bend. There is always water laying in the bent pipe. This is designed this way purposely to keep the gases from the sewer from backing up into the kitchen drain pipes. So, before you open the clean out in the kitchen drain, you will need to place a bucket under it to catch the water, et cetera.

Finally, open the clean out and allow the water and debris run out. If your wedding ring doesn’t come out of the drain, you can use a cotton swab to carefully poke around inside of the bend.

Method 2

If your kitchen sink drain doesn’t have a clean out, then you must actually take the drain apart. To do this, you will again need to place a bucket underneath the pipe to catch the water and the debris that are inside it. Then, loosen the nuts that are holding the bent part of the drain pipe on. You can now check the pipe to see if your wedding ring is in there, which it should be.

Now that you have the kitchen sink drain apart anyhow, this would be a great time to change the bend to one that has a clean out in it. That way, the next time something falls into the drain, it will be easier to get it out.

Method 3

This method may sound odd, but keep an open mind as it is proven to work. If you need to retrieve your wedding ring out of the kitchen sink, all you need to do is to plug in a wet and dry vacuum. Then, stick the hose into the sink and suck your ring out in no time at all! Keep in mind that you might well suck up other lost items, too, including any goop or gunk that has collected in the bent pipe, but at least you will have your valuable wedding ring back.

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