Home Decor: Creating a Luxurious Bed

Who would not want to slumber each evening in a romantic, elegant place of rest — your own private retreat from the stresses of everyday life? Here are some tips for creating a romantic getaway or private haven in your bedroom!

Prop yourself up with pillows

Decorative pillows go a long way in dressing the bed! Select two or three colors from your room’s color scheme for topping your bed. Try varying your pillow size, shape and texture for added interest.

The most comfortable twin size bed sports three sleeping pillows, while doubles/queens/kings display six sleeping pillows for the ultimate in luxury!

Layering creates luxury

Home Decor: Creating a Luxurious Bed

Use multiple bed skirts and create a layered effect (one at floor level and one three to six inches shorter). Multiple bed covers create a warm, cozy appearance. Depending on the season, select various bedcovers. Cotton thermal or lightweight blankets with a coverlet at the bottom of the bed work well during the summer. For winter, choose a plump down comforter and duvet cover with a throw or quilt at the bottom of the bed.

Layering your sheets by placing a lightweight blanket between two top sheets provides extra comfort. Speaking of sheets, today there is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Cotton jersey knits are gaining popularity. They are so incredibly comfortable, producing the feel of sleeping in one’s favorite T-shirt. For cold weather, try soft and warm cotton flannel sheets. Indulge in smooth satin sheets for the summer.

Here’s a tip: Save money by shopping yearly “white sales” at your favorite department store. Instead of purchasing a complete sheet set, consider mixing and matching clearance solids with patterns sheets. You will take advantage of advertised sales and never tire of your sheets, as you will have several different ensembles!

Transform an old headboard

Give an old headboard a new twist. Cover an outdated headboard with batting and fabric. Coordinate fabric with your window treatments or bedding. Or consider refinishing an old wood headboard. Strip off the old stain and re-stain or paint a different color. Use a “faux” paint technique, stencils, or applique borders.

Create a swag with fabric in three or four of your rooms predominant colors and attach to the top of your headboard to create a romantic effect. Drape lace, mosquito netting or gauze around a poster bed for romantic, Victorian charm.

Don’t forget the mattress

Do not underestimate the importance of a good quality mattress. Shop the sales and buy the best quality mattress you can afford. A mattress is an investment in a piece of furniture that you will use for many years. Test the mattress by gently bouncing and lying down on it. Inspect the mattress by examining the stitching and workmanship.

The bed is the main focal point in most bedrooms. You can create a bed with a sense of character, warmth and luxury. Remember, one-third of your day is spent sleeping — unless, of course, you are a new Mom! You deserve to indulge in a welcoming, comfortable bed!

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