Health Topics: What are the First Signs of Diabetes

We have to admit that the first signs of diabetes happen to be so diminutive that they cannot be recognized so easily until painful situations arise. When you suspect anything new to experience physically you may sometimes ignore it as if nothing to worry. It’s wrong to decide yourself that the new thing to notice or feel in your body is not related to any warning sign of diabetes.

Health Topics: What are the First Signs of Diabetes

The most important thing needed is an ability to learn early signs of diabetes as they appear, and then to rush to your doctor. Here you have a warning signs of diabetes to learn and recognize before they get aggravated. You will feel yourself three signs gliding up as ‘Excess’ and three others gliding down as ‘Loss’, both giving you mental depression.

Excessive thirst: The first sign of diabetes is to make you feel excessive thirst. The thirst is felt deeply as if you have been in a desert or exhausting yourself with some hard work. The thirst is due an excessive release of water source from your body through urine.

Excessive urination: Along with excessive thirst for water there is the excessive filtering of urine from the bladder very frequently. Excessive thirst and excessive urination being one after another can make you so tired. Because of your failure to reduce blood sugar in the blood stream the cycle of urination and drinking (water) is a nuisance to you.

Excessive fatigue: Following frequent drinking and frequent urination you get totally exhausted. The physical tiredness getting up and the vigor going down cannot be compensated unless you start treatment for diabetes and reduce sugar intake in the bloodstream.

Loss of weight: In many cases there is a sudden weight loss in your body for no reason. However this happens only with the onset of type I diabetes. It does happen that some diabetics lose 20-30 pounds surprisingly in one or two months.

Loss of sensation: Once you become diabetic, your blood circulation is affected with saturated sugars.  You may feel loss of sensation in hands and feet.

Loss of vision: It so happens that you experience sudden loss of clear vision with blurring mode that can make you even dizzy. You should not prolong your trial to manage your condition but should get checked for diabetes immediately.

Until your condition is properly diagnosed by a physician you cannot fight diabetes by making anything final according to your whims.

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