Hairstyles: Whether curly, straight, or wavy, shoulder length hair can be styled in a variety of different ways

Great styles for shoulder length hair

Those with shoulder length hair have the advantage of being able to choose from a variety of hairstyles. From casual to classically formal, shoulder length hair can be styled to suit any occasion.

When it comes to casual hairstyles, people with shoulder length hair have the option of styling their hair straight or making it a bit more bouncy by styling it in curls and waves. If the choice is to wear the hair straight, make sure it is angled with lots of layers. Always use a smoothing gel to keep the hair looking shiny and sleek. It is also important to blow dry the hair to avoid frizz. The use of a hair straightener can also be of excellent use. Layers are also essential for hair with curls and waves. This type of hair style should be air-dried and then styled into place with the help of hair spray and an anti-frizz gel.

Great styles for shoulder length hair

For more formal styles, there are several options, the first being a ponytail that is curled under. For this style, begin by selecting a brush that has cushioned ends (such as a paddle brush), thus avoiding split ends. Additionally, it is important to select hair elastic that does not pull the hair too tightly, which would also lead to breakage.
When both of these items have been acquired, pull up the hair so that it is centered at the top of the head (about 4 inches from the front hairline). Secure any loose ends with hair spray or bobby pins. To add curls, separate the hair in the ponytail into sections. For smaller curls, the hair sections should be about half an inch in width. For larger curls, the hair sections should be about an inch and a half in width.

Proceed by using a curling iron to achieve the desired effect. Once finished, remember to smooth and style the curls around the base of the ponytail with fingers and the occasional bobby pin. Bobby pins should be hidden from view and secured beneath the hair just over the scalp. Avoid brushing the curls. The curls can also be worn loosely, cascading down to the base of the neck. This can be achieved by avoiding bobby pins and simply letting the curls naturally fall where they may. Complete the hairstyle with more hair spray and by perhaps adding some decorative hair clips for a lovely result.

Any type of bun should only be attempted on hair that has been washed the day before. Recently washed hair has a tendency to produce more flyaway strands, which hinders styling.

A hairstyle that is suitable for either casual or formal events is the unkempt or “messy” bun. This type of hairstyle is desirable because it requires very little hair spray and leaves the hair feeling pliable. To create this hairstyle, add some styling gel to the hair (only a small amount is needed — roughly the size of a small circle on the center of the palm). Using fingers in place of a brush or comb, remove any tangles. Then, place the hair into sections about an inch in width. Lightly blow dry each section, and then pull each one into a loose ponytail at, similar to the curled ponytail, about 4 inches from the front hairline. Twist the hair that has been gathered into a ponytail, and wrap it loosely around the base of the ponytail. Then, secure with bobby pins (unless being used for decorative purposes, they should be obscured by the hair). Then, loosen several small wisps of hair around the hairline to frame the face. Place small decorative barrettes or other fashionable hair accessories around the bun for added style.

There are many more hairstyle possibilities for those with shoulder length hair such as braids and various hair twists. To achieve these hairstyles, consult a hairdresser or create personally unique looks.

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