Hair color ideas: The best colors for hair color and complexion

Choosing the best colors for your complexion.

We all know that choosing the perfect hair color can be one of the most strenuous decisions you will ever make, and for some its easier said than done. Growing up I always wanted to be a hairdresser, but I never really thought about all that this title entails. With everything involved in the industry, hair color and cuts have become my specialty. Whenever someone is choosing a color they usually sit in the grocery store isle and ponder for minutes trying to decide if the color on the box they selected is the right choice. I for one do not recommend over the counter hair color. These types of color a majority of the time, never come out the way you’d expect it, unless you have a professional doing it for you or someone who knows what they are doing. Hopefully after reading this you will find the perfect color and make yourself look absolutely amazing. In Searching for the perfect color you should always remember two things: 1) Which color is best for your hair (permanent, semi-permanent, temporary). 2) Which of the colors will be the best complement for your complexion. Here are some guidelines to follow when considering a color.

If you have a Medium to Dark Complexion: If you have a Medium to Dark complexion it would be wise not to pick a very dark color. Dark colors tend to make your skin look drab and dull. Also, Dark colors are harder to color over. If you use a coloring that is near jet black and then decide weeks later for a change, it will much harder to achieve this color. Having darker hair lessens the quality and vibrance of hair colors that have warm tones, and as a result your final color will not look like that of the picture on the box.

Hair color ideas: The best colors for hair color and complexion

If you have a Lighter Complexion: If your skin is much lighter than most, I recommend that you do not choose a color that will make you face look washed out. A lot of darker colors can make a light complexion look pasty and ghost like. I suggest colors that are warmer but not red. Red tones in hair colors tend to highlight and bring out the warm tones in your skin, which may in a sense make you look flushed. Blonder colors with darker low-lights would be best. Not everyone can pull off the blonde bombshell look, but many do try. The best candidate for this color is someone with light to fair skin.
If you have a Tan/Olive complexion: With Tan or Olive skin it is a lot harder to find colors that suit and complement your complexion. Your skin is filled with lots of different tones, though most are warm it will be difficult to find the most suitable hair color. For Tan or Olive skin with warmer tones (That are either Natural or tanned by sunlight), it would be best to use a color with cooler tones, but not dark ones. Like Medium Brown, or Ash blonde. Going too dark will more or less make you look like Christina Aguilera’s brush with death. Not that her hair color wasn’t a good choice. It just wasn’t the best choice. If you naturally have cooler skin tones than it would be in your best interest to use a color that will brighten you up a bit and not make you look too dull. I suggest a dark blonde all over or a light to medium brown with golden highlights. When highlighting your hair whether its in a salon or at home remember that less is more. Too many highlights will make you look like a zebra. They should be equally spaced and in areas that will complement not only your skin tone but also you face.

Here are few things to remember when searching for a new you. These are some general ideas about the effects of each color.

Blond Hair: One thing to remember as I stated above is that not everyone can wear blonde well. Blonde is best suited for lighter complexions. Use of blonde color on someone with tan or olive skin has a tendency to make them look a little green.

Red Hair: I absolutely love This color. This takes better to lighter hair or highlights. The lighter your hair is when applying this color the more vibrant and alive it will appear. This is fabulous for livening up your look and will bring out your skin tones beautifully. But caution when choosing a color for very light blonde/almost white hair, as it may wash out and leave your hair with a pink undertone. Red on a person with Olive skin can look fabulous, but its recommended that a darker shade is used when coloring your hair.

Brunette Hair: This would have to be one of the most universal colors here. This color looks amazing and tends to flatter most women who choose to wear it. But of course some look better in it than others. Olive and Darker skin make the best combination with Brunette hair colors. Although on some lighter skinned people it can look absolutely remarkable.

Auburn Hair: The most popular and most chosen color of them all. I don’t exactly know why this color is so popular, its warm tones just tend to make those who use it look dated and aged. It also tends to make fair pink skinned people look red faced and can bring out those unsightly wrinkles and pimples we all try to hide. Id make sure to steer clear from this color.

If there is one thing that everyone should remember from this, it is that your hair should complement not only your face, but your complexion too.

*When choosing to color your hair it is recommended that to achieve the best results possible you should always consult a professional.

*Remember that when making the decision to color your hair, the shade you choose should not be more that two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color.

*CAUTION: Stay clear from colors such as green, blue, and yellow. These are not flattering at all!

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