Hair care tips: How to condition and hold frizzy hair

Know what’s available to help you fight hair damage and frizz.

Applying any type of heat to your hair during the styling process will inevitably dry it out. Luckily advances in hair care as well as some items you’ll probably find in your kitchen can help your hair from becoming a frizzy mess. Understand how the products work in conjunction for the type of hair you have can make all the difference. Let’s explore some of the options available to those with dry hair.

Deep conditioners -These work and are made for every hair type there is. Used once a week or more if necessary, they condition the cuticle of the hair that becomes cracked and brittle over time with the use of blow dryers and other hot styling appliances. Deep conditioners shouldn’t be used on a daily basis though because they can buildup and cause a dull almost greasy sheen to hair.

Hair care tips Tips and home remedies to combat frizz in your hair 300x300 Hair care tips: How to condition and hold frizzy hair

Hair care tips: How to condition and hold frizzy hair

Leave-in conditioners - Usually in pump spray form, these types of conditioners work in a couple different ways. First, they work all day on your hair as a protective coating, preventing exposure to the elements that tend to dry hair out. Secondly, for hair that tangles easily or is hard to comb out after washing these are a great alternative to de-tanglers because they keep working long after your hair is dry. For severely dry hair or hair that is coarse in texture, leave-in conditioners are light enough to use in addition to your regular daily conditioner to add extra moisture where it’s needed.
Pomades and hair dressing – Use of these should be sparingly because too much can cause a greasy result. These work to smooth hair and give it a sheen making minimal frizz go away. These are good for fine or thinning hair because both are fairly heavy and can provide more volume to these hair types.

Frizz relief serums - Several companies have created these products to help smooth hair that has minimal frizz. Those with severely dry hair and a big amount of frizz will see little relief from these products simply because they are light in texture and while they do perform well, cannot sufficiently provide the level of de-frizzing severely dry hair needs. They can be fairly expensive but do provide adequate de-frizzing to minimal spots of frizz on fine and medium texture hair. Good also for those with hair that tends to be oily because it is light and doesn’t contribute to oily buildup.

Hair Masks - These are good on any hair type and work in much the same way a deep conditioner does. However, they provide deep, deep conditioning and at best should be used once a week or once every two weeks. (It is possible to over condition hair, so use these sparingly)

Boar’s hair bristle brush – These are worth the extra cost to help frizzy hair. Because the bristles are made of animal hair they are more like your hair’s own texture. In that, when they come into contact with the natural oils on your scalp they help distribute the oils throughout your hair leaving less frizzy than it’s plastic bristled counterparts and shinier too.

It’s also important that you choose styling products, shampoos and conditioners that contain the smallest amount of alcohol possible. Alcohol dries hair considerably and when combined with the use of heated styling products can cause twice as much damage.


For the more frugal readers who insist there must be something around the house to treat frizz and hair damage I can assure you, you’re most certainly correct. Frizz stems from the lack of moisture and essential oils on your scalp and damage to the hair cuticle itself; the drying effect heated styling appliances cause. In that replacing some of the oils your hair has lost can be easily done using various products you’ll probably find in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

Essential oils/cooking oils - We all have some of these and many can provide the deep conditioning benefits you’ll have with a deep conditioner. Olive oil and mayonnaise are two of the best ones simply because they are the easiest to wash from hair. Massage olive oil into hair and scalp and wrap head in shower cap, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes depending on level of conditioning and shampoo out. For deeper conditioning wrap head in a moist warm towel for the extent of the treatment. Also, a combination of a few drops of jojoba oil mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil (use sparingly) is as refreshing as it is moisturizing. Leave on for 5 or more minutes and shampoo out.

Quick fixes - If you’re in a pinch, take equal amounts of hair gel and conditioner and mix them together. Run fingers through hair; the gel will hold and the conditioner will eliminate the frizz. Also, hand moisturizer or lotion patted over the outer layer of your hair will eliminate frizz as well.

Eliminate frizz before you even leave the shower by making your final rinse a cold one. The cold water blast seals the cuticle and makes your hair less susceptible to frizz. A cold shot from the hair dryer when you get out of the shower will do the trick too if your not inclined to freeze the rest of your body right before you hop out.

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