Guide to Buying a Laptop

What do I look for when buying a laptop

Laptop is a computer that brings numerous advantages in people’s lives. There are millions of people in the world who are using these computers for their personal or business use. But the problem with these, just like other, computers is that they become outdated with the passage of time. Newer technologies are always pouring in, and it becomes necessary for users to buy a new laptop after a few years to keep pace with the latest software.

While purchasing a new laptop, the users have to consider a lot of things so that they use their hard earned money in a better way. Although there are four kinds of laptops, yet a user can buy only one of them. The four types of laptops being: Netbooks, Ultraportable Laptops, All-Purpose Laptops, and Desktop-Replacement Laptops.

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Guide to Buying a Laptop

Everybody has his own needs of the computer. The decision to purchase a certain laptop rests on various issues.

1.If you are a student and have to copy notes, display applications, use internet, present slide shows, watch movies, etc, you may purchase a simple netbook at a price around $399. It has smaller screen, weight and processing speed.

2.If you need computers with processing speed and storage capacity equivalent to desktop computers, you may turn your attention towards the All-Purpose Laptops. These laptops are a bit costly but they offer a vast range. Many companies have been manufacturing them. So, you can get reviews about the better trademarks before purchasing one. The screen sizes of these computers are from 14 to 16 inches while their price ranges from $1000 to $1500.

3.The Ultraportable Laptops are full of perks for common users as they offer speed, storage, screen size, RAM, and price in-between the netbooks and the All-Purpose Laptops.

4.Finally, you may think about Desktop-Replacement Laptops. These computers are exactly equal in capacity with the latest desktop computers. You can use them to perform all types of business related activities. All the latest compatible operating systems and software can be installed on them. The price of these laptops is also high and ranges from $2000-$3000.

Thus, a layman has to get full knowledge about his requirements, budget, and laptop computers. This is the only way through which he can make a safe purchase.

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