Getting organized at home: Organizing shoes in the closet or bedroom

Organizing shoes in the bedroom or closet is inexpensive and easy. Even in small space, shoes can be organized seasonally for otimal storage space.
Shoes come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they all come in pairs. Often we can find one shoe but we cannot find the other. Finding a pair of shoes can become a source of frustration but does not have to be. Organizing your shoes in the bedroom or closet can be fun and rewarding and eliminate the frustration of missing shoes. Even in the smallest space, places can be found to organize and store shoes.

When space is limited, it is best to have accessible only the shoes that you will be wearing in any given season. Unless you have an extraordinarily large amount of shoes, two groups of shoes should be sufficient for dividing.

Organizing shoes in the closet or bedroom

Separate your summer shoes from your winter shoes. Shoes that are not being worn for a season can be easily stored in many different ways. An easy way to keep pairs of shoes together in the off season is to put them in zipper plastic bags. They come in all sizes. Find the size that works for the sizes that you are storing. You can store the shoes in many different boxes. Find the box that is the right size to tuck away in the top of a shelf or under the bed box. Make sure you measure the space, especially if you are planning to purchase a box for your shoes. Shoes that will not be worn for a season can be put away where they are not easily accessible. You will only have to deal with storing them out of the way twice a year. If you store them under the bed, you can push them to the middle under the bed which still leaves you plenty of room to store items closer to the edge of the bed. Make sure that you do not put too many shoes on top of each other for long periods of time. Too much weight can weigh down on the stored shoes that are on the bottom and make them not shapely.

The seasonal shoes that are left can be organized in various ways. If your space is very limited, try pairing them up and placing them heel out all the way around your bed, under the bed, on the floor. Make sure you push them in far enough so that they cannot easily be seen and will not be where you will stub your toe. You will need discipline in this method to put the shoes back in their place when you take them off.
Some like to organize their shoes by keeping the original boxes and stacking them one on the other. This keeps the shoes in excellent shape. They can be marked with a permanent marker on the box to state the color and style. This is a good idea if you have a lot of height in a bedroom or closet but not much width. The down side to this method is that you cannot see into the boxes and it can be frustrating if you are in a hurry. The same idea can be used except you can be clear plastic shoe boxes the same size as the original cardboard boxes that the shoes came in. These are also easily stacked but you can see which shoes you want to wear. Another down side to this method is if the shoes are stacked very high, it becomes difficult to pull out the box you want without it tipping over, although it can be done.

Inexpensive shoe racks can be purchased at department stores. There are many types and sizes. The most important thing about purchasing one of these shoe racks is to make sure that you measure the space where you are planning to organize your shoes. If you are working with limited space, there are plastic shoe organizers that will fit on the back or front of any closet or bedroom door that holds up to twelve or sixteen pair of shoes. Check the size of the holder of each pair to make sure your size of shoes will fit into the space provided.

It also works well to pick out two or three pairs of shoes most commonly worn and just keep those in a line on the floor of your closet. With this simple idea, you will find you can organize your other shoes that are not worn as often without the frustration of always having to put them back into their proper place.

The key to organizing shoes in a bedroom or closet is to have a place for them and put them back into their place after wearing. It takes only a few seconds longer than leaving them out and the reward of an organized space makes it worth it.

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