Gardening Tips: Wagon wheel decorating ideas

Wagon wheels come in many sizes in vinyl or wood. Decorate the exterior of your home and give it a country or southwestern theme.
No other outdoor decoration gives the farm-feel of a wagon wheel combined with flowers. Make that a wagon wheel and a cow skull and you have a southwestern theme. Wagon wheels made for decorative use are widely available commercially. Some are sturdy and able to support weight while others are not. They come in different sizes and styles. There are ornate or plain spokes. The hubs vary in size and appearance. The wheels are marketed in both wood and white vinyl. What ever your decorating project, you can find a wagon wheel to suit your needs.

Wagon wheel decorating ideas

Who hasn’t seen a wagon wheel casually leaned against a fence near a driveway or street. It is as if the stagecoach may stop by for repairs at any moment. It is a small trip back in time. There are many ways to incorporate wagon wheels into your outdoor living space. They may be used vertically, horizontally, whole, or halved.

Here are some ways to use wagon wheels around the yard. Cut wagon wheels in half and use them horizontally as a low fence along a driveway or as garden edging. You can attach each piece to a wooden stake and pound the stake into the ground. When half-wheels are set horizontally, it appears as though the rest of the wheel is buried. This is a good way to decorate with a limited number of wheels. A half or whole wheel makes a perfect backdrop for a flowering plant with delicate foliage. The foliage will not be so overwhelming as to obscure the wheel. Try using one as a trellis for a vine with delicate foliage like “cardinal climber.” You can make a freestanding wheel by attaching a wooden “+” to the rim, much the same way as Christmas tree salespeople display their cut trees. It can be displayed anywhere you want alone or in a group. You can attach one freestanding wheel to each short end of a planter box to use as legs. Attach a half or whole wheel to the front of a planter box, or attach it to the rear sticking up as a trellis or backdrop. Mount four wheels to a large planter box. Add a pull-along type handle like that on a child’s wagon, or anything vaguely reminiscent of one, and the planter will look like a wagon. No one needs to know that the wheels do not actually move! Wagon wheels make a great visual screen for a doghouse or other low structure like a cement pad. Mount the wheel vertically on top of a column or pole. Run strings, cords, or wires from the outer end of each spoke to the ground. You now have a wagon wheel “bean trellis.” This type of trellis is great for morning glories too. Depending on where you attach the strings to the ground, you can make a children’s summer playhouse. Leave two of the ground attachment points far enough apart to let a child in. The children can help plant the seeds that will later be the “walls” of the house.

Mount a sign to the top of a freestanding wheel to display your name and/or house number. Attach wagon wheels to a drab wall or fence to add interest. Paint the wheels and fence in contrasting or complimentary colors. Contrasting colors will give a lively feel, while complimentary colors will impart tranquility. You can use one wheel as a focal point on a wall or you can use many. The wheels can match or be different sizes, styles, and colors. They can be mounted at set intervals in a row or in groups or patterns.

It is easy to find wagon wheel furniture. There are wagon wheel benches, tables, and seats available commercially. You can build your own. Whether you buy or build, be sure that the product is appropriate to the area in which you plan to use it. Do not put indoor furniture outdoors. If you plan to hang a wagon wheel chandelier on an outdoor porch, check with an electrician about electrical codes for such lighting.

Use a wagon wheel as the base for a holiday or seasonal wreath. Choose a size that fits the space in which you plan to hang it. Attach greenery or other decorations with floral wire so that you can change the decorations with the season or holiday. Depending on the weight of the decorations, you could attach them with Velcro pads. They come in round or square shapes and in strips. One side is Velcro and one side is sticky. This is a quick way to change out the decorations as needed.

Try some of these ideas or think of your own. It is easy to give the outside of your home a new look with an old theme using wagon wheels.

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