Gardening Tips: Choosing the Right Garden Lighting

When you’re designing your garden lighting plans you have several different options. Many times the hardest part is choosing how you would like to get your lighting done and which spaces you should light at the expense of other. Here are a few ways that you can decide which spaces to light.

First and foremost, you should light any areas that are essential for safety. Targeted areas can include paths, driveways, stairs, and the edges of decks and patios. This will make sure that you or anyone else doesn’t end up tripping and falling as they walk around your property.

Next, light areas that are going to increase security around your home. This usually involves installing several motion activated outdoor flood lighting or other lights that are meant to brighten your home and deter thieves. Path lights and decorative lights can even serve double time as security lights.

Gardening Tips: Choosing the Right Garden Lighting

Next, put some light to increase the usage of your outdoor areas. This means installing some functional lighting on your deck for grilling or eating outside or anything else you plan on doing. Patios and areas of the yard you might be using are also good targets for this kind of lighting.

After all this is done, then you can plan on placing decorative lights. Decorative lights are designed to make your landscape look more attractive. Uplighting trees and shrubs as well as bathing flowerbeds or fountains in light are examples of this.

By planning your lighting in this order, focusing first on safety and last on decoration, you will install the light fixtures that you need the most, while also making sure that you’re not installing too many llights. Remember, less is more, so if you think your lights are getting to be too much, don’t be afraid to remove some of the decorative lights.

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