Garden design and décor: Shabby chic garden décor

Shabby chic uses vintage and time worn items in your garden decor design.
The term ‘shabby chic’ was founded by Rachel Ashwell. It is a comfortable style using elegant and time worn items together in a way that is welcoming and inviting whether it be inside the home or outside. A balance of simple garden pleasures, cottage flowers, vintage furniture and architectural details makes a type of elegance that is light, fresh and summery. Shabby chic garden style can be an extension of your home décor.

When things such as time worn iron metal furniture, easy care fabrics and vintage accessories are used people feel comfortable and are not afraid to put their feet up and relax. Think of your outdoor space as another room to decorate.

Garden design and décor: shabby chic garden décor

Any corner of the yard will do or you can slowly incorporate shabby chic into your entire yard. Shabby chic can be incorporated into the flowers themselves by using vintage flowers and bulbs. Use lots of plants on your patio or porch. The front door can be part of the shabby chic look by putting little twinkle lights around it. For a covered porch that is big enough use oversized furniture and paint it white. There are no dark and heavy pieces in shabby chic. The furniture can be distressed to look as though it has been used for years. Hang a vintage crystal chandelier over one end of a outdoor sofa. The chandelier does not even have to work, but would be nice if it did. Throw some pillows on the furniture for comfort. These pillows can be covered with loose slipcovers in a floral fabric. Use fabrics that are faded and have muted pastel colors. A variety of patterns can be mixed together as long as the background is the same color such as ivory. Think about using rumpled and ruffled fabrics for your furniture covers. Ironing is not necessary.

Hand-me-downs and flea market finds are perfect for the shabby chic look. Use lacy linens and lots of white accessories. Old wall mirrors that can be found are great for a porch to reflect the sunshine or pretty cottage style flowers. Old mirrors usually have the silver part on the back partly gone, but that is fine for shabby chic decor. To get the look of age in new fabrics tea can be used to stain the fabric. Use a coffee and tea mix and dip your fabric into the tea until you get the look you desire.
Small twinkle lights always look great in a garden, on a patio or in the trees. Add them to garden structures, through topiaries and trees to emphasize your shabby chic garden design. Bring out vintage collectables for special occasions or even for everyday décor. Things that are flawed or damaged can be used outside in shabby chic décor when you don’t want to use them in the house. Save your better items for inside. Use old mismatched tea cups and saucers for outdoor get-togethers. Floral fabrics or white sheer fabrics can be hung on the porch to blow in the wind or be tied back to the porch posts. Unravel some old grapevine wreaths and stretch it out over the top overhang of the porch, with twinkle lights throughout.

Shabby chic is a soft, comfortable look that does not have to cost lots of money. Use your imagination and shop at thrift stores, garage sales etc. for those one of a kind items. Relax, have fun and be creative.

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